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A 31-year-old Argentine model died after her sister found her in a bathtub with her hands tied and bruises all over her body. The alleged death by suicide of Agostina Jalabert occurred on February 18 in her apartment in Playa del Carmen, where she moved six months ago to boost her career as a model, according to an investigation by the State Attorney General’s Office. from Quintana Roo.

However, a lawyer hired by Jalabert’s devastated family believes that her death was not a suicide, as she has been in contact with the Argentine Foreign Ministry to pressure Mexican authorities to reclassify the case as a femicide case. “The autopsy, according to the lawyer, reveals that it is a femicide due to the injuries my daughter has,” Jalabert’s father, Edgardo Jalabert, told the Argentine news network TN, according to the Daily Mail.

Agostina Jalabert Age

Agostina Jalabert was 31 years old.

Agostina Jalabert Cause of Death

The family’s lawyer, Betina Teuly, said they did not want to hinder the investigation but that “there is sufficient evidence” to show that Jalabert was murdered by her boyfriend, Juan Reverter. Edgardo revealed that her daughter, the eldest of her three children, ended her relationship with Reverter in June 2021. At that time, her parents helped her move out of the apartment they shared the apartment with. couple.

But Agostina resumed her relationship with Reverter later in 2021, eventually moving in with her after visiting her for Christmas. Agostina’s body was found by her sister Candela Jalabert, 21, who accompanied her when she moved to Mexico in the summer. Candela reportedly visited de Agostina’s apartment around 7 a.m. m. on February 18 when security told her police had been called to her apartment after neighbors reported screaming coming from the house on two occasions.

Frankly, she used a security code to try to gain access to the apartment, but was denied. Then Candela started pounding on the door before Reverter answered her and told her that Agostina was sleeping. Candela was about to leave the apartment but Agostina’s dog caught her attention and she led her to the bathroom where she found her sister sitting in the bathtub with a wrapped towel in her hands.

“This character said that he was sleeping when Candela arrived and asked for her sister,” said Edgardo. “The dog, Bruna, took her to the bathroom, and there they found Agostina hanging from the towel rack, sitting or semi-sitting, (one meter) from the floor.” Agostina’s uncle, Germán Jalabert, told the online news portal Página 12 that he could not believe that his niece had committed suicide because she was not suicidal. “

The towel rack was about (four feet) off the ground. It is difficult to think that a person can hang from a lower height than you, ”he explained. “Candela saw two or three blows, but she did not stop there because when she saw her sister in that situation, she despaired and tried to revive her.”

He also criticized the Mexican authorities, claiming that their investigation process was riddled with errors. “None of the basic protocols were applied to investigate and find out the true causes of her death,” said Germán Jalabert. “The boyfriend was not arrested, his phone was not seized, nor did they do toxicology tests, nor did they check him to see if he had any injuries.

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