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A woman named Adrienne Arrington was killed in a police shooting on February 24, 2023 in the St. Clair neighborhood of Pittsburgh. According to police, Arrington pointed a gun at officers, prompting them to shoot him.

Police were responding to a call in the neighborhood after someone reported a suspicious person in the area. Authorities found Adrienne Arrington in an abandoned residence, from where she began shooting at officers. That’s when responding officers reportedly shot and killed the 39-year-old woman.

Adrienne Arrington Age

Adrienne Arrington was 39 years old.

Adrienne ArringtonĀ  Cause of Death

The homicide is currently an ongoing investigation, and the same has been confirmed in a press release by the Allegheny County Police. On Friday, a suspected 39-year-old woman died after police opened fire on her. She reportedly pointed a pistol at the policemen and started shooting, after which they fired back at her.

According to Allegheny County Police, responding officers responded to a call to report a suspicious person in the neighborhood shortly after 3 p.m. m, local time. The police said: The dead woman was identified as 39-year-old Adrienne Arrington by the county medical examiner. According to reports, she was alone in the house during the shooting.

According to Adrienne Arrington’s cousin, Musa James, she was allegedly having a “mental breakdown” and meant no harm to anyone: James also claimed that Arrington was mourning the death of his mother and her brother. Also, the abandoned house in the neighborhood where she was last seen would be her place to mourn her loss.

Police are currently investigating the case, urging the public to come forward if they have any information about the incident. Additionally, the matter is being investigated by authorities to see if the shooting was carried out in accordance with Pittsburgh Police Bureau protocol. Law enforcement officials have not yet released additional details about the woman or the shooting.

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