Adan Banuelos and Bella Hadid: Bella Hadid Confirms Relationship With Equestrian Adan Banuelos

Adan Banuelos And Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid, the renowned supermodel, has recently confirmed her relationship with equestrian Adan Banuelos. This revelation came through an Instagram post on February 16, 2024, where Hadid shared glimpses of their romantic journey, starting from her 27th birthday celebration in October 2023.

Adan Banuelos And Bella Hadid
Adan Banuelos And Bella Hadid

Adan Banuelos and Bella Hadid

The couple celebrated Bella Hadid’s 27th birthday together on February 16, 2024. Hadid shared photos and videos from the October 9, 2023 celebration, where she coordinated outfits with Banuelos in sleek cowboy attire.

A notable clip captured a tender moment as Hadid leaned in to kiss Banuelos at a ranch table. Their coordinated style and genuine affection were on full display, marking another chapter in their romance.

Adan Banuelos, a Mexican-American horseman residing in Fort Worth, Texas, has captured the heart of Bella Hadid.

The son of Ascencion Banuelos, the first Mexican-American inducted into the National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame, Adan has made a name for himself in the horse-riding world. In 2017, he became one of the youngest inductees into the National Cutting Horse Association Rider Hall of Fame, and in 2020, he clinched the NCHA Futurity Open Championship.

In a sweet Valentine’s Day tribute in February 2024, Bella Hadid officially confirmed their romance. The Instagram Story featured a photo of Banuelos on horseback, holding hands with Hadid, accompanied by the caption, “My valentine.” This public declaration solidified their relationship and garnered attention from fans and media alike.

Bella Hadid Confirms Relationship With Equestrian Adan Banuelos

Bella Hadid confirms new romance with equestrian Adam Banuelos via an Instagram post. While the couple has been low-key about their relationship, they were first linked in October 2023 during Hadid’s birthday festivities in Fort Worth, Texas.

TMZ captured a moment of the pair kissing, sparking initial speculation. Hadid’s new relationship follows her split from art director Marc Kalman in July 2023, after a three-year relationship.

The details surrounding how Bella Hadid and Adan Banuelos crossed paths remain unclear. However, given Hadid’s love for horses, it’s plausible that they share common interests in the competitive horse-riding circles.

Hadid, who returned to competitive equestrianism after a hiatus due to Lyme disease, and Banuelos, a star equestrian specializing in training and showing cutting horses, seem to have found a connection through their shared passion.

Bella Hadid subtly made their romance Instagram official in January, sharing a series of photos capturing her participation in an NCHA competition. Among these photos was a sweet snap of her holding hands with Banuelos, showcasing their affection. Hadid expressed her gratitude, saying, “Never stop trying new things. I feel lucky enough to have the opportunity to keep learning in life.”


Bella Hadid and Adan Banuelos’ love story is blossoming, marked by Instagram confirmations, sweet tributes, and shared moments. As the supermodel embraces a new chapter in her personal life, fans eagerly await more glimpses of this charming couple’s journey in the world of fashion and equestrianism.

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