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Harmony Montgomery, a 5-year-old New Hampshire girl who has been missing for a long time and is believed to be dead, is the daughter of Adam Montgomery, 32, who was only just indicted on unrelated weapons charges. According to Boston-based Fox affiliate WFXT, the suspected parent was charged earlier this month with two charges of felon in possession of a firearm and being an armed career criminal.

According to the Associated Press, which cited an indictment from a Hillsborough County grand jury, Adam Montgomery allegedly had many weapons in his possession despite having been convicted of felonies in both New Hampshire and the neighbouring state of Massachusetts. He has previously been investigated by the law for alleged offences regarding the possession of firearms.

Adam Montgomery Age

Adam Montgomery is 20 years old.

Adam Montgomery Incident Detail

Adam Montgomery was charged in April 2022 with eight crimes involving the theft of firearms, including two charges of theft by unauthorised taking for the theft of a rifle and a shotgun as well as a case of receiving stolen goods for the receipt or retention of the rifle and shotgun.

After being found guilty of one or more qualifying offences, he was further accused of being a felon for owning the rifle and shotgun. After being found guilty of three or more qualifying felonies, he was further accused of owning the rifle and shotgun while being an armed career criminal.

By the end of November or the beginning of December 2019, Harmony Montgomery vanished. Her disappearance was not reported until November 2021. Crystal Sorey, the girl’s mother, who had struggled with substance abuse, thought the girl had always lived with her father. Due to her drug use, Sorey was denied custody of her daughter by the Massachusetts legal system in 2018.

The little child was given to her father. Around Easter 2019, Sorey claimed she last connected with her daughter via video chat. She alleges that the girl’s stepmother and father have barred her on phone and social media, excluding her from her daughter’s life. Authorities think Harmony Montgomery died in December of this year.

Harmony Montgomery was ruled dead in August 2022, following nearly eight months of inquiry by many state, county, and federal law enforcement agencies, based on numerous leads, including biological evidence. Her father was accused of one count of second-degree murder in October 2022 for causing her death by repeatedly hitting Harmony in the head with a closed hand.

The girl’s father was also accused of abusing a corpse and faking physical evidence. Adam Montgomery has entered a not guilty plea to the charges related to the passing of his daughter. In January, a formal indictment was submitted on the charges connected to Harmony Montgomery’s passing. For allegedly forcing his wife, Kayla Montgomery, to tell a grand jury a lie on the circumstances surrounding her stepdaughter’s death, he was also charged with one count of witness tampering.

Due to these alleged lies, Kayla Montgomery was charged with two counts of perjury. She entered a not guilty plea at first, but subsequently changed her plea to a guilty one, admitting guilt and consenting to provide a witness statement against her divorced spouse.

She will formally admit her guilt in May and be given successive prison terms of three and a half years and seven years for each count. Because of her cooperation and confession, five years of her sentence will be suspended. On April 4, the defendant is scheduled to be arraigned on the fresh firearms charges.

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