Actor Cush Jumbo On Criminal Record: Cush Jumbo’s Series About London’s Detective Force


British actress and writer Cush Jumbo, renowned for her compelling performances in “The Good Wife” and its spin-off, “The Good Fight,” has taken the lead in an Apple TV+ series that delves into the heart of London’s detective force.

In this article, we explore “Criminal Record,” a contemporary detective drama featuring Jumbo and Peter Capaldi, shedding light on the intriguing narrative and its relevance to ongoing discussions about the justice system.

Criminal Record’: A New Crime Thriller Series Starring Cush Jumbo

Actor Cush Jumbo On Criminal Record

Cush Jumbo, appointed OBE for her outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry, has once again captured the audience’s attention with her role as Detective Sergeant June Lenker in “Criminal Record.” NPR’s Ayesha Rascoe delves into Jumbo’s career trajectory, emphasizing the pivotal role that CBS’ “The Good Wife” played in catapulting her into the spotlight.

“Criminal Record,” the brainchild of Cush Jumbo and Peter Capaldi, materialized from a shared desire to explore the crime genre together.

As Jumbo recounts in a Zoom interview, the collaboration allowed them to shape the characters from the inception of the idea. The result? A series where characters are deeply understood, adding a layer of authenticity to the performances.

Cush Jumbo’s Series About London’s Detective Force

Jumbo’s character, Detective Sergeant June Lenker, is a multifaceted individual navigating the challenges of her profession, personal life, and societal expectations.

Jumbo provides insight into Lenker’s complexity, stating, “She’s at a bit of a crossroads and comes into contact with (Capaldi’s) Hegarty because of an anonymous emergency call.” Lenker’s pursuit of truth becomes a compelling narrative thread, unraveling a tale that goes beyond the surface.

Is “Criminal Record” merely a crime drama, or does it aspire to address larger societal issues? Jumbo sheds light on this, revealing that the series inadvertently aligns with the zeitgeist. The narrative, shot in the summer of ’22, predates reports on Scotland Yard’s alleged misconduct.

Jumbo reflects on the show’s unintentional timeliness, discussing how it provides a lens through which to examine the UK justice system and the evolving perspectives within it.

One of the intriguing dynamics in “Criminal Record” lies in the clash between Hegarty, played by Peter Capaldi, and Lenker. Jumbo draws attention to the generational gap, emphasizing that the characters received different training and navigated distinct eras within the justice system.

As viewers, we are prompted to question whether Hegarty’s methods are a product of a bygone era or a nuanced approach to seeking the truth.


In conclusion, Cush Jumbo’s “Criminal Record” stands as a testament to her versatility as an actress and her ability to choose projects that resonate with societal conversations. The collaboration with Peter Capaldi, the nuanced portrayal of Detective Sergeant June Lenker, and the unintentional alignment with real-world issues make this series a compelling watch.

As viewers immerse themselves in the intricacies of the London detective force, they are not only entertained but also prompted to contemplate the complexities of the justice system and the individuals navigating its intricacies.

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