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Aco Pérez is a Colombian-born animator mostly eminent for his work on the film “La Ley del Corazón” (2016). He is also eminent for representing a white feather in the telenovela “Cacique de La Junta”. In addition to his acting career, Pérez is also involved in other fields. He is dissident and legislator.

Pérez, who has been performing for quite some time and has received high praise for his work on various public creations, was recently seen at Lala’s Spa, where he appeared alongside Isabella Santiago.

Ace Chef Celebrity 2022 Aco Perez Wikipedia Biography The personality of Alexis from the La Playita network program and the persevering “Pluma Blanca”, who appeared in the book by Diomedes Dáz, are two of the characters that have put Aco Perez on the map . Through television, he convinced the Colombian nation of his remarkable expertise.

Aco Pérez, the local from Valledupar, participates in Master Chef Celebrity and never loses his ability to constantly surprise viewers. He has become one of the competitors who is by all accounts a box of secrets, as his dishes have previously helped him try not to be eliminated from some difficulties.

Pérez often mixes his work as an animator with different interests such as legislative issues and travel, leaving happy memories on his Instagram account. Speaking with EL PILON, he said: “When I started in my universe of acting, I practically always needed to provide another guide.”

His further interest is legislative issues. Anyone who knows him and follows his organizations will see that he has consistently engaged in free speech. The entertainer has joined legislative and television affairs after holding the position of adviser to the newly elected legislator Eliécer Salazar.

Aco Perez Age, Age in 2022 Aco Perez has not revealed his age to the media. However, it is “undeniable” that the Hispanic-Colombian entertainer is around 30 years old. He is still young and lively.

Although he was born in Colombia, he moved to Spain and grew up there. Pérez had an attractive youth that finally made him a decent individual. However, he is skillfully an entertainer, he is more than just a person who acts in movies and television.

Pérez has expanded his journey from an acting vocation to travel and government affairs. He hails from Spain’s Royal School of Dramatic Art as an expert in sensational craftsmanship and visual recognition.

In addition, he studied Political Strategy and Communication a year earlier in Bogotá. He guarantees much of that, changed her and sparked her enthusiasm for government business.

Details of the wife and family of Aco Pérez Spanish artist Aco Pérez is not married and currently participates in a solitary life, living isolated in his loft,

Also, you need to dedicate a part of your life to government affairs to improve the people by benefiting them. Subsequently, Pérez has been completely absorbed and has not thought about dating anyone.

looking at her Instagram On profile, he shares many photos and recordings of his trip and getaway, along with energetic shots of him having fun. Looking at photos of him, one can see that he is full of life.

Currently moving into his family, Pérez was born in Valledupar, Columbia, to his parents Jaime Pérez Parodi (father). Jaime was a television personality and commentator who appeared in a side job on the drama Fuego Verde at the time.