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Yusuke Narita, an assistant professor of Japanese ancestry at Yale University, sparked outrage online after he suggested mass suicide was the only way to deal with Japan’s rapidly aging population. Narita, who teaches economics at Yale, spoke in defense of his views this weekend after making the aforementioned comments on a live news show in 2021. At the time, the professor said:

Seppuku was a Japanese ritual. of disembowelment in the 19th century that was forced on samurai who disgraced themselves. Narita spoke to The New York Times this weekend and clarified that his comments on the matter were taken out of context in 2021. However, the professor also mentioned that euthanasia could be made mandatory in the near future.

Yusuke Narita Age

Yusuke Narita was 38 years old.

Yusuke Narita  Cause of Death

The Yale professor claimed that this process will allow the younger generations to smoothly make their way into politics, business and other aspects of careers that are occupied by the older generation, who refuses to leave their posts.

Such comments from the professor earned him a lot of criticism. Japan already has a low birth rate and in 2022, the country saw its population drop by more than six lakhs due to declining fertility rates and a rapidly aging population. While Narita’s comments outraged people, they also earned him a following and an audience on Twitter.

People were stunned by the totally insensitive views of the professor and criticized him for it. One user asked if Yusuke Narita would still believe mass disembowelment and suicide are the keys to rebuilding Japan’s age-based hierarchies when he turns 65 himself.

Another user wondered if Narita has always been healthy throughout his life and never required medical attention or if he has never been hospitalized. One person wrote that Narita lacks a conscience. They were too surprised how an assistant professor at Yale could suggest that older people should commit suicide or resort to euthanasia to relieve the country of the burden of their existence.

Yusuke Narita, a professor of economics at Yale, is also a researcher focusing on the design of decision-making algorithms in business and politics. Educational policy in particular arouses his interest. Narita received his Ph.D. from MIT and was a visiting professor at Stanford University.

The professor uses a variety of methods in his work, including machine learning, causal inference, structural econometric modeling, and economic theory. In early 2022, when Yusuke Narita was asked to speak in defense of his views in a class, the teacher showed a clip from the movie Midsommar, where a community of people formed a cult and one of their rituals included forcing an older member to jump.

off a precipice Narita later clarified that his comment was meant as a metaphor to convey how the older generation should be phased out. He said that he should have been more careful with the possible negative connotations of his words. Yusuke Narita added that he went through a moment of self-reflection, after which he stopped using those negative words last year.

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