WWE Rhea Ripley Husband: Is Rhea Ripley Married? Rhea Ripley Boyfriend

While Rhea Ripley may not be married yet, her relationship with Buddy Matthews continues to captivate wrestling enthusiasts worldwide. As they navigate their journey in both personal and professional realms, their love story serves as an inspiration for fans and fellow wrestlers alike. As they say, in the world of wrestling, love conquers all.

WWE Rhea Ripley and Partner
WWE Rhea Ripley and Partner

WWE Rhea Ripley’s Husband

Is Rhea Ripley married? Who is Rhea Ripley’s husband? These questions have been circulating among WWE fans ever since the Australian wrestler rose to prominence in the wrestling world. Let’s delve into the personal life of this powerhouse athlete and uncover the details about her romantic relationship.

Is Rhea Ripley Married?

Rhea Ripley’s love life came into the spotlight when she announced her engagement to fellow wrestler Matthews Adams, also known as Buddy Matthews. Despite rumors circulating about their marital status, the couple is not yet married as of 2023. Ripley and Matthews exchanged engagement vows in August 2023, marking a significant milestone in their relationship.

Rhea Ripley and Matthew Adams have been inseparable since they began dating in 2020. Their romance blossomed within the confines of WWE, where they met and fell for each other. Despite their hectic schedules as professional wrestlers, Ripley and Adams find time to nurture their relationship, often seen sharing glimpses of their affection on social media platforms.

Rhea Ripley Boyfriend

While Buddy Matthews is recognized as Rhea Ripley’s fiancé, he has undoubtedly made a significant name for himself in the wrestling world. He has competed in various prominent promotions, including WWE, Impact Wrestling, and is presently active in AEW.

Matthew Adams, alias Buddy Matthews or Buddy Murphy, shares Rhea Ripley’s passion for wrestling. Hailing from Australia, Adams has carved his path in the wrestling industry, showcasing his talent in different promotions before landing in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Notably, he formed a successful tag team with Wesley Blake in WWE, winning the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Rhea Ripley and Buddy Matthews

Although details about their first date remain private, it’s evident that Ripley and Adams share a deep bond beyond the wrestling ring. They are known for being gym buddies, emphasizing their shared commitment to fitness and well-being. Their journey together culminated in an engagement in August 2023, a momentous occasion celebrated by fans and colleagues alike.

Beyond the Ring

Despite their professional success in WWE and now AEW, Rhea Ripley and Buddy Matthews have maintained a low profile as a couple within the wrestling scene. Ripley expressed her sadness following Matthews’ departure from WWE, highlighting the challenges of balancing personal and professional lives in the demanding world of professional wrestling.

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