Why Did Eddie Ray Routh Shoot Chris? Know The Reason Behind Ray Shoot Chris Kyle

The infamous “American Sniper” murder trial has been gripping the nation’s attention, shedding light on the disturbing events surrounding the shooting deaths of Chris Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield. Eddie Ray Routh, the defendant, stands accused of the murders, and the trial has unearthed shocking details about the incident.

Why Did Eddie Ray Routh, Shoot Chris

1. Overheard Confession

A former deputy, Gene Cole, testified about a chilling statement he overheard from Routh during the trial. Cole revealed, “I heard Mr. Routh say, ‘I shot them because they wouldn’t talk to me. I was riding in the back seat of the truck and nobody would talk to me.’”

2. Insanity Defense

Routh’s lawyer acknowledges the killings but argues that his client was insane at the time. This defense strategy brings mental health into the spotlight and raises questions about the events leading up to the tragedy.

American Sniper Killer Eddie Ray Routh
American Sniper Killer Eddie Ray Routh

3. Substance Abuse and Bizarre Statements

Texas Ranger David Armstrong’s testimony unveiled disturbing findings during the investigation. Drug paraphernalia, including methamphetamine-related items and marijuana, were discovered at Routh’s residence. Routh’s uncle, James Watson, testified that Routh often made bizarre statements, including claiming the government was after him.

The Reason Behind Ray Shoot Chris Kyle

4. Concerns About Mental State

An officer’s body camera video showed Routh expressing worries about his mental state. In the video, he stated, “I don’t know if I’m going insane,” and delved into topics like voodoo, hell, and the apocalypse.

5. Medical Examiner’s Testimony

Dr. Jeffrey Barnard, a medical examiner, testified that two of the six bullets that hit Kyle would have been “rapidly fatal.” The prosecution attempted to establish that the victims were defenseless during the shooting.

6. Loaded Guns and Therapy Session Gone Wrong

The victims, Kyle and Littlefield, were found wearing loaded handguns, suggesting they were prepared for a day at the firing range. The defense claimed the outing was a form of therapy for Routh, a veteran with mental problems.

The Fateful Day

Murder Of American Sniper Chris Kyle
Murder Of American Sniper Chris Kyle

7. Kyle’s Words Used in Defense

The trial began with a lawyer using Chris Kyle’s own words to support an insanity defense. However, the prosecution countered, revealing that Routh admitted to using drugs and drinking whiskey on the day of the incident.

8. Taco Bell Stop After the Killings

After the shootings, Routh drove Kyle’s pickup to a Taco Bell, bought two bean burritos, and left a receipt in the truck. These details provide a chilling glimpse into Routh’s mindset after the tragic event.

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