Who is Sharad Mohol’s Wife? Sharad Mohol Wikipedia, Age, And Family

Sharad Mohol’s Wife: In the shadows of Pune’s bustling streets and amidst the echoes of clandestine deals, the enigmatic tale of Sharad Mohol unfolds a saga that transcends from the dusty fields of Mutha village to the heart of the city’s underworld.

A man of humble origins, with a penchant for wrestling and martial arts, Sharad’s journey takes unexpected turns, intertwining family ties, criminal exploits, and political intrigue. Here is what we know.

Sharad Mohol Wikipedia:

Sharad Mohol, hailing from the humble Mutha village in the Mulshi area, belonged to a financially constrained farmer family. His early interests in wrestling and “mardani khel” led him to cross paths with the notorious gangster Sandeep Mohol during 2002-2003. Sandeep, involved in land dealings, quickly recognized Sharad’s potential, making him a trusted companion and driver.

Sharad Mohol Family:

Sharad Mohol’s family background provides insight into the roots of the notorious gangster. Hailing from a financially constrained farmer family in Mutha village, Mulshi, Sharad’s early life was marked by humble beginnings.

The dynamics of his family played a crucial role in shaping his trajectory from an individual interested in wrestling and martial arts to a key player in Pune’s underworld.

Who is Sharad Mohol’s Wife?

Amidst the chaos of his criminal endeavors, Sharad Mohol’s personal life also grabbed attention. His wife, Swati Mohol, has recently joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), adding a political dimension to the already complex narrative.

The decision to join a political party known for its anti-crime stance raises eyebrows and invites scrutiny into the connections between Pune’s underworld and political circles.

Sharad Mohol Age:

Sharad Mohol, the notorious Pune gangster, met his demise at the age of 40. Born into a poor farmer family in Mutha village, Mulshi, his journey from the world of wrestling and martial arts to becoming a prominent figure in the Pune underworld spanned several tumultuous decades.

Sharad’s age underscores the challenges law enforcement faced in dealing with his criminal activities, from his early association with Sandeep Mohol to his eventual leadership of the Mohol gang.

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