Who is Mike Zimmer’s Girlfriend? Mike Zimmer’s Wife, Is He Married?

Mike Zimmer, the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, not only excels on the field but also has an interesting personal life that has recently made headlines. In this article, we delve into the details surrounding Mike Zimmer’s current relationship and also touch upon the tragic loss he experienced in the past.

Mike Zimmer
Mike Zimmer

Who is Mike Zimmer’s Girlfriend?

Mike Zimmer, the seasoned head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, is not only making headlines for his team’s thrilling performances but also for his romantic life. Recent reports have confirmed that Zimmer, at 65, is dating the stunning supermodel Katarina Miketin.

The relationship, which had been rumored for years, was finally unveiled to the public, with pictures of the couple circulating on social media and news outlets.

The 40-year-old supermodel, who boasts nearly 426k followers on Instagram, is recognized for gracing the cover of Maxim Australia in December.

Egotastic Sports reached out to Miketin on Instagram to get the inside scoop on her relationship with Zimmer, to which she replied with a simple yet confirming ‘Yes.’ The revelation has left fans eager to learn more about the couple’s journey.

In 2018, Miketin took to Instagram to share a snapshot of herself proudly donning a Vikings jersey, expressing her support for Zimmer’s team. The post garnered attention and added a touch of glamour to Zimmer’s public persona.

Katarina Miketin: More Than a Supermodel

Digging into Miketin’s background reveals a multifaceted personality beyond her modeling career. Born in Yugoslavia (now Serbia), she migrated to the United States with her parents at a young age. Miketin, who holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, was not only the president of The National Honour Society for Psychology but also earned an MBA in 2015.

In an insightful interview with Maxim, Miketin shared her journey, giving fans a glimpse into her life beyond the glamorous world of modeling. Her academic achievements and diverse experiences add layers to the narrative of this high-profile relationship.

Mike Zimmer Wife

Before the revelation of Zimmer’s relationship with Miketin, the coach had faced a personal tragedy. His late wife, Vikki Zimmer, passed away unexpectedly at their Ohio home on October 8, 2009, due to natural causes. Vikki, 50 at the time of her death, left a void in Zimmer’s life, marking a somber chapter for the football coach.

While the pain of Vikki’s loss lingers, Zimmer has found solace and companionship anew with Katarina Miketin.

Mike Zimmer’s romantic life has taken a positive turn with the confirmation of his relationship with supermodel Katarina Miketin. The couple’s journey, now public, adds a layer of intrigue to the coach’s already captivating life. As Zimmer continues to lead the Minnesota Vikings on the field, fans are undoubtedly curious to see how this new chapter unfolds for him off the field.

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