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Victoria Triece, a Florida mom and OnlyF*ns model, recently filed a lawsuit against Orange County Public Schools after she was banned from her children’s ADDition volunteer program in 2021. The woman’s adult modeling career on the subscription-based platform was reportedly outed by another “concerned” parent at school.

However, Triece’s attorneys, John Zielinski and Mark NeJame, argued that many other parents are also alleged participants in similar career modeling or oriented professions. Speaking about the lawsuit, the lawyers said: On Wednesday, Victoria Triece told Click To Orlando that she decided to file a lawsuit so that no other parent faces a similar situation:

Victoria Triece Age

Victoria Triece is 31 years old.

Incident Detail

She went on to say that no other parent should go through her situation, saying: Triece also shared that she may still be allowed to volunteer in her youngest son’s classroom, but only through online means: WESH reported that attorney NeJame said he and his client decided to let the jury decide Triece’s damages despite promising to seek $1 million in the case in 2021:

The Orlando Sentinel reported that district spokesman Michael Ollendorff declined to comment on the situation due to protocol not to discuss pending litigation. Victoria Triece is a 31-year-old online model living in Florida. She is also the mother of two children.

Reports suggest that she wears a blonde hairstyle and is heavily tattooed and posts photos of herself on a subscription-based adult app. Triece’s children attend Sand Lake Elementary School, and she reportedly volunteered at the institution for five years before being banned from school after Principal Kathleen Phillips found out about her work. online from her.

However, the model recently made headlines after filing a lawsuit against Orange County Public Schools over the situation. The woman first appealed to the school district to reverse the decision in 2022, but at that time Circuit Judge Paetra Brownlee ruled that Triece “does not have an unequivocal legal right to participate” in the school program.

Victoria Triece and her legal team returned to court with a new complaint, alleging that the private photos attached to the anonymous email sent to the school were “circulated to OCPS staff and employees who did not need the information.”

Victoria Triece’s lawyer told the publication that she posted the photos of her in “free time” and that her actions are not “illegal”:

The attorneys also said that her client has no criminal record, which can be considered the only reason a person is disqualified from volunteering. Victoria Triece also said that her posts were “not a secret” and she added that she always dressed appropriately on school grounds.

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