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Vicky White and Casey White Wiki – Vicky White and Casey White Biography

It’s been a few months since former Lauderdale County Jailer Vicky White killed herself after going on the run with convicted felon Casey White. It has now been revealed that they spoke to each other on the phone nearly 1,000 times before they decided to run away. The phone calls reportedly went on for a period of six months before they ran off together in April 2022.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said the two also had phone sex when they spoke a whopping 949 times between August 2021 and February 22, 2022. During that period, Casey was incarcerated at the William Correctional Center. Donaldson in Jefferson County. She was behind bars after serving 75 years in prison for a series of crimes committed in 2015 that included an attempted murder of her ex-girlfriend and kidnapping her two roommates.

Vicky White and Casey White Age

Vicky White is 56 years old and Casey White is 38 years old.

Incident Deatil

Singleton told AL.com: “We are in the process of listening to those calls to see if there is any information that might help us. The only thing I know for sure is that they had some phone sex.” The police officer went on to say that he is still unsure if the phone calls occurred while Vicky was on duty at the Lauderdale County Jail. He noted, “I’d be surprised if some of them weren’t. It’s a lot of phone calls. I think what it tells us is that they were definitely in a relationship,” before mentioning that investigators “are still listening to the tapes to see what was on them.” Singleton added: “He [Casey] was here in 2020 and that’s when he first planned an escape. Apparently this relationship was established in 2021 when he was here.”

Casey and Vicky fled jail on April 29 after Vicky lied to other jail employees, telling them she was going to put him on trial. After days of searching, the duo was found hiding in Evansville, Indiana. But before being arrested, Vicky committed suicide. In July, her 38-year-old alleged criminal lover was “charged with the felony murder of Vicky on the theory that he was a party to the underlying crime that led to his girlfriend’s death and therefore bears criminal responsibility.” Law & Crime reported.

In early May, after the 56-year-old prison guard took her own life, her friend allegedly insisted that she was not suicidal. “Vicky was not suicidal. She deliberately did not pull the trigger and shot herself. You can listen on that tape (911). Vicky was not suicidal when they approached her. You can hear Vicky yelling, ‘Casey.’ She was talking about getting up and running. She was not suicidal. I don’t care if they say they found the gun in her hand, I don’t think she pulled the trigger and shot herself on purpose. None of this makes sense to me, but whatever she did, I just can’t believe it,” said Deborah Burbank.

Recalling the times when Vicky was alive, Burbank added: “Vicky was just a good person. She always supported me, she always helped people: my daughter, nephews, friends. She would do anything for anyone. And she was always a good girl, a family girl. When we were younger, she smoked weed and drank. Vicky was never involved in any of that, but she was still my friend.”

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