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Police issued a warning after an elderly woman lost her life in hospital due to an alleged sexual assault. Valerie Kneale was reportedly receiving treatment at Blackpool Victoria Hospital after a stroke and broken leg in November 2018 when she died. Now, the police have said that the unidentified killer may be targeting other people.

The 75-year-old woman was doing well just before her death. But suddenly, her relatives were informed that she had another fatal stroke, the Daily Mail reported. Later, an autopsy report revealed that she bled to death due to a vaginal tear. Detective Chief Inspector Jill Johnston, from Lancashire Police, said: “This may be at the hands of someone who is a predator who may have previously committed attacks of this nature and may continue to do so.”

Valerie Kneale Age

Valerie Kneale was 75 years old.

Valerie Kneale  Cause of Death

It has been said that Kneale was taken to the hospital on November 12 of that year. Within a few days of admission, she began to show progress. Her niece, Lisa Jaffier, reportedly stated: “She was sitting, she was communicating. Obviously, she was going to have challenges in her recovery, but we were all very hopeful for a positive outcome.

Her children wanted to stay with her that night, but the hospital said she really was in the best place she could be, there’s really no need, she’s going to be absolutely fine.” However, on November 16, 2018, the woman died and after the autopsy result was known, an inquest said that Kneale’s injury “was caused by a forcible sexual assault after his admission to hospital.” ”. Jaffier mentioned:

“To think that someone did that to a lovely person at a time when she was helpless, at her most vulnerable, where she couldn’t scream, couldn’t defend herself… We’re left with a huge wound that can’t even begin to heal until we find out who is responsible for doing that so we can get justice.”

Johnston added: “The fact that this happened in a hospital setting is a huge concern for all of us and we have worked tirelessly together with the hospital to get justice for Ms Kneale and her family, but also to prevent this from happening again. “.

In addition, an independent charity, Crimestoppers, has declared a reward of up to $23,755 (£20,000) for information that could help catch Kneale’s killer, the Lancashire Telegraph reported. Gary Murray, North West regional manager for independent charity Crimestoppers, said: “While it may have been four years, our thoughts are very much with Valerie’s family and friends, who remain desperate for answers as to exactly what happened.” .

“Valerie was a patient at the hospital undergoing major medical treatment when she suffered a horrific attack that ultimately led to her death. We believe that there are people who know what happened or have suspicions. Crimestoppers is here to help keep all of our communities safe by giving people a way to talk about crime, completely anonymously.

You can talk to us without answer. That means we never ask for or store any of your personal data,” he continued. “If you know something, even if you think it’s insignificant, what you know could make a positive difference.

Call our UK Contact Center toll free on which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or use the simple and secure anonymous online form on our website at www.crimestoppers -uk.org. We cannot trace your call or trace your IP address and we never ask for or record any personal information. No one will ever know you contacted us,” Murray added.

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