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Two of the victims in a triple shooting that DeKalb police are investigating have passed away. About three in the morning on Tuesday, it occurred in the Cedar Park Place subdivision. The violence astounded the neighbours. Quincy Vinson, a neighbour, said, “It’s pretty alarming to have two people shot to death right next to my house.”

Vinson and his family were awakened by violence that morning and are still attempting to escape while Vinson tries to make sense of it all. “We gathered the children, got them into a safe place in the house, [and made sure] that we were all safe,” the father recounted. Four distinct scenes were discovered by DeKalb County Police inside the subdivision.

Twayne Worthy Age

Twayne Worthy was 36 years old.

Twayne Worthy Cause of Death

Two persons were killed, one man suffered significant injuries, and one or more guns were discovered on the ground. Twayne Worthy, the father of the two, was one of the deceased victims, according to family relatives. This morning I heard a few three-something gunfire, but you know that’s common. Community activist Amos King said, “I am shocked that two individuals were slain and another was injured.

A bullet that was fired narrowly missed Eddie Carson, a resident. His bedroom was torn apart by the bullet, which also destroyed the remote control inches from his body. Inside the subdivision, DeKalb County Police discovered four distinct scenes. Two people were killed, one man was critically hurt, and at least one gun was discovered on the ground. Twayne Worthy, the father of the two, was identified as one of the deceased victims by family members. He was 37 years old.

“I heard some gunfire this morning, but you know that’s common. Community leader Amos King expressed his surprise at the deaths of two persons and the injury of another. Eddie Carson, a resident, was wounded but not hit in the back. The remote control was only a few inches away from his torso when the bullet tore through his bedroom.

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