Tom Schwartz Girlfriend: Who Is Tom Schwartz Dating Now?

Tom Schwartz, known for his appearances on Vanderpump Rules, has been making headlines lately regarding his romantic life. Ever since his split from Katie Maloney, fans have been curious about who Tom Schwartz is dating now. Recent reports suggest that Schwartz may have found love again, this time with Jo Weinberg.

Tom Schwartz Girlfriend
Tom Schwartz Girlfriend

Tom Schwartz Girlfriend

Tom Schwartz’s romantic journey has been closely followed by fans of Vanderpump Rules. His relationship with Katie Maloney was a focal point of the show for many seasons. However, the couple announced their divorce in March 2022, leaving viewers curious about Schwartz’s future romantic endeavors.

According to reports, Tom Schwartz has been romantically linked to Jo Weinberg, sparking speculation about his new girlfriend. Weinberg’s connection with Schwartz goes beyond just romance – the two were reportedly roommates before becoming romantically involved. This transition from roommates to romantic partners has intrigued many fans of the reality TV star.

Who Is Tom Schwartz Dating Now?

Since his split from Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz’s love life has been under the spotlight, with rumors swirling about his potential new flame. According to various sources, including Tom Schwartz is reportedly dating Jo Weinberg. Their relationship seems to have evolved from being roommates to co-stars on Vanderpump Rules, sparking curiosity among fans and viewers alike.

A Timeline of Tom Schwartz and Jo Weinberg’s Relationship

Tom Schwartz and Jo Weinberg’s relationship timeline is an interesting one, marked by their transition from roommates to costars on Vanderpump Rules. Their journey from friends to romantic partners has captured the attention of many viewers.

Rumors about Tom Schwartz dating Jo Weinberg began circulating after his split from Katie Maloney. However, it wasn’t until recently that the couple confirmed their relationship, putting an end to speculation about Schwartz’s love life.

The news of Tom Schwartz dating Jo Weinberg has sparked curiosity among fans, especially regarding Katie Maloney’s reaction to her ex-husband’s new relationship. While Maloney has not publicly commented on Schwartz’s new romance, sources suggest that she wishes him well in his new relationship endeavors.

What Do We Know About Jo Weinberg?

Jo Weinberg’s identity has piqued the interest of many Vanderpump Rules fans. Although not much is known about her background, her connection with Tom Schwartz has brought her into the spotlight. As the relationship between Schwartz and Weinberg continues to develop, fans are eager to learn more about the woman who has captured Schwartz’s heart.

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