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Tabea Kemme Wiki – Tabea Kemme Biography

Tabea Kemme’s relationship, marriage and family Tabea Kemme, a former national team player, made headlines recently when she stated that she would like to see the Women’s Bundesliga organized under the auspices of the German Football League instead of the German Football Association (DFB).

According to the latest web sources, Kemme will work as an analyst for the upcoming Bundesliga season on private channel Sky. Yuliya Simic will play the second half of all the other elite games that she will be watching.

Who is Tabea Kemme’s partner?

Tabea Kemme stated that she is in a relationship and is open about it in 2019. However, she did not mention anything about her relationship at the time.

He is apparently dating Josephine Henning, according to his Instagram. She played for the German national team for the first time in September 2010 as a former player.

Henning has won four UEFA Women’s Champions League championships and four Frauen-Bundesliga championships. She joined Paris Saint-Germain in June 2014.

In February 2016, Josephine attended a pre-season training camp with Arsenal in Seville, Spain. In Arsenal’s 3–1 win over Bayern Munich in a friendly, she served as a substitute.

And Tabea Kemme’s husband? his domestic life

Tabea Kemme has never been married and currently has no husband. She has a girlfriend, of whom she frequently posts photos on social networks.

Throughout her teens and the first two years of her professional career, Kemme was an attacker. She shifted into a more protective stance.

Kemme attended the renowned women’s soccer program at the Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Sports School in Potsdam. The FFC Turbine Potsdam club and the school are closely connected.

Kemme began training and competing with the younger FFC Turbine teams in 2006. In 2008, he received his senior first team diploma. In July this year, Arsenal acquired it.

On January 14, 2020, Kemme announced that he was leaving professional football due to ongoing injuries.

Tabea Kemme: Where is he now?

In the upcoming Bundesliga season, which starts next week, Tabea Kemme will work as an analyst for the for-profit network Sky. With former Bayern Munich standout Yuliya Simic playing the second half, she will go into every second game leading.

He wants to sit at the table with the usual power couple, Lothar Matthäus and Sebastian Hellmann. The main opening game will be on Saturday, August 6.

Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund deny it.