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Today, where is Steve Page? The true story behind the three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri, and the murder of Kathy Page The prime suspect in the murder of Kathy Page is Steve Page. There has never been a solution to the murder of Kathy Page. However, Kathy’s family was successful in a lawsuit against Steve Page for wrongful death. He is still a person of interest in the eyes of the police.

By June 2021, Crime Stoppers of Southeast Texas had increased the reward to $50,000. It is the largest reward Crime Stoppers has awarded in the region.

Today, where is Steve Page? Murder of Kathy Page

The main suspect in Kathy’s death is Steve Page. Given the obvious staging of her car and the fact that it was discovered near his residence, he will most likely be found guilty. But he claims that one of the “Beaumont mob” members is really to blame for her demise. He alleges that individuals from this group have threatened him.

At the time of his departure, Kathy and Steve had been married for thirteen years and had two children, Erin and Monica.

They were prepared to divorce but wanted to work things out, according to Steve, who said that at that point he felt like he didn’t want to be his wife anymore. However, Sherry, his sister, denies his accusations.

She alleges that Kathy was beginning to move on with her life and that the marriage was beyond repair. Furthermore, she alleges that Kathy had urgent plans to divorce Steve. Just before she died, he moved out, but assured that they were still friendly.

After two previous mistrials, Steve was found financially responsible for Kathy’s death in civil court in 1999. He had to offer her family $200,000 in settlement. He was later found guilty of routinely desecrating her grave. He is still in Texas and no charges have been filed against her in her death.

Steve argues that he was not to blame for Kathy’s passing and feels that since he is her estranged husband, everyone assumes he is.

Kathy Page Family – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri True Story

In a civil case, Kathy’s relatives accused Steve of being at fault for her death. Her mother, Dorothy, testified that the morning after his murder, she had observed Steve hastily washing some items.

He cleaned the carpet in his house the next day in front of his family. He maintained that he had grease from a spill. Sherry alleged that she had mistreated Kathy during her testimony.

Additionally, neighbors reported hearing loud fights and banging on walls coming from their residences. Steve acknowledged that he was opposed to Kathy’s autopsy.

He was left-handed, according to witnesses, and the autopsy confirmed that Kathy was likely strangled by a left-handed person.