Shooting in Hollister CA Today: Man Died After being Shot Multiple Times

In a tragic incident today, Hollister, California, witnessed a devastating shooting at a local car wash that resulted in the loss of a life. According to reports from KION-TV, one individual succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds, leading to a swift arrest in connection with the crime.

Shooting in Hollister CA Today

The Hollister Police Department responded to distress calls reporting a fight escalating into gunfire at the Hillcrest Car Wash on Hillcrest Road around 2:20 p.m. Upon arrival, law enforcement discovered a 48-year-old man gravely injured from multiple gunshot wounds. Despite efforts to save him, the victim tragically succumbed to his injuries.

Man Died After Being Shot Multiple Times

In response to this heinous crime, the Hollister Police swiftly took action, apprehending 39-year-old Jose Angel Valdez on charges of murder about the shooting incident. Valdez’s arrest came after a thorough investigation, which included gathering witness statements and leads.

Shooting In Hollister Ca Today
Shooting In Hollister CA Today

Hollister Police officers diligently interviewed witnesses present at the scene, gathering crucial information that aided in identifying the suspect. With the help of eyewitness descriptions of the suspect’s vehicle, law enforcement officers were able to track down Valdez to a residence on Mary Drive.

Although initially claiming he wasn’t present, Valdez’s family informed the authorities of his whereabouts, eventually leading to his surrender.

The apprehension of Jose Angel Valdez on Flynn Road marked a significant development in the case, bringing a sense of closure to the community reeling from the tragic incident. Valdez was taken into custody without further escalation, allowing the legal process to proceed smoothly.

As the community mourns the loss of the victim, law enforcement continues its investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting. The identity of the deceased has not been released at this time, as authorities work diligently to notify the victim’s next of kin and gather further details pertinent to the case.


The shooting incident at the Hillcrest Car Wash in Hollister, CA, serves as a stark reminder of the senseless violence that can disrupt communities. The swift response by the Hollister Police Department in apprehending the suspect provides some solace to residents,

but the tragic loss of life leaves a lasting impact. As investigations continue, the community remains united in seeking justice for the victim and ensuring such incidents are prevented in the future.

The shooting in Hollister, CA, today resulting in the death of a man after being shot multiple times has left the community in shock. With Jose Angel Valdez in custody, the legal process will shed light on the circumstances surrounding this tragic event, offering closure to those affected.

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