Shay Mooney Wife: Is Shay From Dan and Shay Married?

If you’re a fan of the country music duo Dan + Shay, chances are you’ve wondered about the personal lives of its members. In this article, we’ll delve into the love story of Shay Mooney and his wife, Hannah Billingsley. Let’s explore the details of their relationship and marriage.

Shay Mooney And Hannah Billingsley
Shay Mooney And Hannah Billingsley

Shay Mooney Wife

Hannah Billingsley, a former Miss Arkansas, captured Shay Mooney’s heart, leading to a blissful marriage. According to sources, their love story began when Billingsley took the initiative and slid into Mooney’s DMs in 2015. This modern-day romantic tale showcases the power of connection in the digital age.

Shay Mooney, one half of the acclaimed duo Dan + Shay, has a heartwarming love story with his wife, Hannah Billingsley. The couple tied the knot in 2017, marking the beginning of a beautiful journey together. Shay and Hannah share not only a romantic bond but also the joys and responsibilities of parenthood.

Is Shay From Dan and Shay Married?

The Mooney household is filled with love and laughter as Shay and Hannah are proud parents to three adorable boys: Asher, Ames, and Abram. The couple welcomed Asher into the world before their marriage, and since then, their family has grown. This charming family picture reflects the happiness and warmth that the Mooneys share.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Shay Mooney shared his feelings about meeting Hannah for the first time. He expressed, “From the very first time I saw her, I knew I wanted to marry her.” This statement reflects the depth of Shay’s emotions and the instant connection he felt with his future wife.

To gain more insights into Shay Mooney’s family life and his relationship with Hannah, you can explore pictures of the couple and their children on platforms like Pinterest. These visual glimpses offer a personal and intimate view of their journey together.

For those curious about the marital status of both Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, it’s interesting to note that both members of the duo are happily married. Dan Smyers, the other half of Dan + Shay, is married to Abby Law. To learn more about their respective spouses, you can check out insights from NBC.


In conclusion, Shay Mooney from Dan + Shay is indeed happily married to Hannah Billingsley. Their love story, marked by a serendipitous digital encounter and blossoming into a beautiful family, is an inspiration for fans. As Shay continues to captivate audiences with his musical talents, he also shares the joys of family life with his loving wife and three adorable sons.

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