Seahawks Hires Aden Durde Cowboys DL Coach as Defensive Coordinator

The Seattle Seahawks are gearing up for the upcoming NFL season with a significant addition to their coaching staff. The team has officially announced the hiring of Aden Durde as their new defensive coordinator under the leadership of head coach Mike Macdonald.

This move has garnered attention and excitement among Seahawks fans, as Durde brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the team.


Seahawks Hires Aden Durde Cowboys

The decision to bring in Aden Durde as the defensive coordinator reflects the Seahawks’ commitment to strengthening their defense for the upcoming season. Durde, who previously served as the defensive line coach for the Dallas Cowboys since 2021, is expected to bring a fresh perspective and innovative strategies to the Seahawks’ defensive unit.

As reported by CBS Sports, the move to hire Durde was confirmed by NFL Media. According to Tom Pelissero, a reputable source in the NFL community, the Seahawks are set to make this significant coaching addition.

Aden Durde’s coaching journey has been a remarkable one, showcasing his dedication and passion for the sport. Before joining the Cowboys in 2021, Durde served as the Falcons’ outside linebackers coach in 2020. His contributions to the Falcons’ defense did not go unnoticed, leading to his appointment as the Cowboys’ defensive line coach.

Durde’s coaching career is not limited to the NFL; he has also played a crucial role in developing talent at various levels. Prior to his NFL coaching stints, Durde served as a defensive quality control coach for the Atlanta Falcons from 2018 to 2019.

Additionally, his experience extends to the international scene, where he played in NFL Europe and coached the London Warriors of the BAFA National Leagues.

Seahawks Defensive Coordinator News

The decision to appoint Aden Durde as the defensive coordinator aligns with the Seahawks’ vision for an adaptive and robust defense. Durde’s background in coaching both defensive linemen and linebackers showcases his versatility, a quality that undoubtedly appealed to the Seahawks’ coaching staff.

According to source, the Seahawks have been deliberate in their search for the right candidate to lead their defense. The move to hire Durde signals a strategic shift in the team’s defensive approach, and fans are eager to see the impact of this decision on the upcoming season.

While Aden Durde takes on the role of defensive coordinator, it’s worth noting that head coach Mike Macdonald has expressed his intention to be actively involved in calling defensive plays for the Seahawks. This collaborative approach between the head coach and defensive coordinator sets the stage for a dynamic and well-coordinated defensive strategy.

As the Seahawks prepare for the challenges of the upcoming NFL season, the combination of Durde’s expertise and Macdonald’s strategic play calling is anticipated to elevate the team’s defensive performance.


In conclusion, the Seahawks’ decision to hire Aden Durde as their defensive coordinator is a significant step towards fortifying their defense for the upcoming season. With Durde’s extensive coaching experience and Macdonald’s hands-on approach to defensive play calling, Seahawks fans have reason to be optimistic about the team’s defensive capabilities.

As the season unfolds, all eyes will be on how this strategic coaching move translates into on-field success for the Seattle Seahawks.

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