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Finlay Macdonald killed his wife Rowena while waiting to appear in court.

  • John MacKinnon died after a gun went off on the Isle of Skye on Wednesday morning.
  • Finlay Macdonald is charged with murder and three attempted murders.
  • Rowena Macdonald’s wife was stabbed and another 63-year-old couple was shot.
  • All three victims have been hospitalized due to injuries.

Finlay Macdonald tried to kill his wife, Rowena. He allegedly used a gun to stab her.b He shot his brother-in-law to death, wounding two others in the process. He was arrested and remains in custody.

Murder of Rowena Macdonald’s wife, Finlay Macdonald

Police Scotland officers responded to reports of a seriously injured 32-year-old woman traveling to Tarskavaig, Skye. Rowena MacDonald was the woman’s name. After sustaining major injuries, she was taken by ambulance to Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital for medical attention.

Officers were then dispatched to a property in the Teangue area of ??the island around 9:30 a.m. in response to a report of a gunshot, where they discovered 47-year-old John MacKinnon dead.

The incident has left the neighborhood in shock and terror. The motive for the murder, however, has not been made public by the authorities.

Also, Rowena, Finlay’s wife, is still in the hospital. Although her status is unknown, she is still alive. Her murder victim was Finlay’s brother-in-law.

Charges following the arrest of Finlay Macdonald

Finlay MacDonald, Rowena’s spouse, is a 39-year-old man. He was arrested in connection with the attempted murder of three other victims, as well as the murder of MacKinnon. He was arrested and taken to Raigmore Hospital.

He has since been charged with involvement in both the murder of Mr MacKinnon and the attempted murder of the other three victims. He was charged with one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder when he appeared at Inverness Sheriff’s Court on Friday.

He was taken into custody and sent for further testing because he refused to plead guilty. In the next eight days he will appear in court. Also, there is no bail request.

Finlay Macdonald participated in a shooting

On August 10, 2022, Finlay Macdonald shot and killed his brother-in-law. The motive for the murder has not yet been revealed.

However, he also seriously injured three other people. He also shot two other people and stabbed his wife. The community is in shock after the wave of weapons.

They characterized the deceased victim as a loving and compassionate man. People in the neighborhood described the incidents they saw yesterday as alarming and a significant influence on everyone’s lives.