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A teenager died after falling 150 feet while exploring the High Falls Gorge with his friends at 2 a.m. According to The Sun, Rochester police Lt. Greg Bello said: “I was with a group of friends. I had gone to the park area there. Somewhere on the other side of the Inner Loop area by the train tracks, and over there, and unfortunately, he tragically fell into a hole and fell to his death.”

Rory Lochner Age

Rory Lochner was 19 years  old.

Rory Lochner Cause Of Death

The Rochester Fire Department had attempted to rescue him with a rope. The department said: “We do a lot more than just put out fires. We have people trained in high-angle and low-angle rope rescue, so we deal with a lot around the gorge and when people fall in places.”

However, they were unsuccessful and the teenager was pronounced dead at the scene. Bello said: “Fire department personnel responded, the medical examiner responded and unfortunately he was unable to get help and passed away from the incident this morning.” Authorities ruled out foul play from the unfortunate incident. Lieutenant Greg said, “The family that’s with that 19-year-old lost a son, they lost a brother, they lost a cousin.” All the different family relationships. But also, his friends were there with him. And friends just lost a friend that they witnessed.” He continued: “So there’s a tragedy in this aspect, which is really heartbreaking, which is why we’re here talking about this today to try to push the most security around those areas. because they’re dangerous.” Gerg said signs and fences were used to alert visitors to dangerous areas around the gorge. He also advised visitors to stay on a trail and carry a phone in case of an emergency.

Meanwhile, in a GoFundMe post that was created to pay for his funeral expenses, Rory was described as a caring person. The post read: “Rory Lochner tragically passed away on September 1st. Rory was known to many and went out of his way to help anyone in need. This fundraiser is to help his family and meet whatever needs we can. can help.” The fundraiser has raised $7,475, completing its goal of $5,000.

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