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In a scandalous act to draw attention to the “collapse of the NHS” and “environmental problems”, a protester dumped human faeces and urine all over the Captain Sir Tom Moore Memorial. Maddie Budd, 21, who is an End UK Private Jets protester, recorded her act and shared it on her social media, sparking a huge public outcry.

In the footage, the young protester can be seen walking towards the memorial, shaped similar to the late British Army turned fundraiser, at Thistley Meado, Hatton, Derbyshire, as she carries a large container with her. Budd was wearing a white T-shirt with the inscription “END UK PRIVATE JETS”. She then stands on a box and dumps the contents of the container onto Captain Moore’s memorial.

Protester Maddie Budd Age

Protester Maddie Budd is 100 years old.

Incident Detail

“Every time a UK private plane takes off, it pours a bucket of shit and blood on everything Captain Tom stood for,” Budd said later in a statement. People are going to say he’s a hero, people are going to say this is a deep and obscene disrespect to his life, and to the NHS that he defended and I agree.

I was studying to be a doctor because I believe in taking care of people.” people. If we believe the NHS matters, if we believe in looking after each other, if we believe NHS workers are doing essential work, why are we forcing our health system to crash, why are we forcing our civilization?

to collapse, why basically nobody takes this genocide of all humanity seriously, she further said. The former medical student concluded: “This is all true and the government won’t even put an end to UK private jets.” Captain Tom Moore became a symbol of hope for many in 2020 after doing 100 laps of his garden to raise money for NHS Charities during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Although the idea of ??the British veteran of World War II was to reach a figure of $ 1,115, he instead managed to surprise himself by raising $ 36.5 million. The ex-serviceman’s selfless gesture, just months shy of his 100th birthday, was appreciated around the world, and he was later knighted for his efforts by the Queen in July 2020.

Additionally, Captain Tom was made an honorary Colonel of the Army Foundation College. . He also appeared on a version of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and got a number one single for it. Captain Tom Moore passed away in February 2011, at the age of 100.

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