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In a short video posted on YouTube, a blind man revealed that a woman yelled at him while he was working out at a gym. She accused him of making her uncomfortable by continually looking at her, and when he was informed of her lack of vision, she continued to yell at him.

The man, Pete Gustin, is an award-winning voice actor, author, and surfer. He also has a sizeable social media presence, with more than 1.29 million subscribers on YouTube. He is known for posting content about how he overcomes the challenges of blindness and lives an adventurous life.

Pete Gustin Age

Pete Gustin’s age isunkown.

Incident Detail

In his video posted on October 21 last year, Pete Gustin recounted the incident that left him baffled. Captioning the video, “Gym girl goes crazy over my #shorts,” Gustin begins by saying, “I’m blind.” He says that those who understand the meaning of these two words are undoubtedly more intelligent than the woman he met at the gym.

Narrating the events, he says that he was minding his own business, doing a triceps dip in the gym when he heard footsteps approaching. Soon a woman was right in front of him, yelling, “I didn’t come here to be looked at.” Gustin was surprised, then realized that as he stared into space simply because he couldn’t see, the woman must have felt that he was looking at her with her eyes.

He tried to clarify the situation for him, apologized and said that he was blind. However, the woman’s reaction was strange, saying “I don’t care, stop looking at me.” She then stormed off and soon returned to the store manager. Similarly, Gustin explained his disability to the manager, clarifying that since he was blind, he did not look at anyone. He even showed her an identification card issued by the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB).

However, the manager replied, “It’s fine, but you still can’t make other gym members feel uncomfortable by looking at them.” Gustin laughs in his video at the ridiculousness of it all. In fact, the whole scenario is strangely ridiculous, pointing to the utter inability of trained people to recognize or understand even a hint of disability in others. While Gustin is a popular voice actor, his fame certainly didn’t save him from the screaming woman. According to his website, he has appeared in 2 Super Bowl commercials, been on almost every popular US TV network, and has been on hundreds of radio stations in the US and around the world.

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