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“Was controlling towards his estranged wife and violent to his daughter,” according to the father who is suspected of fatally shooting a judge in his driveway after losing custody of his children. Following the murder of judge Andrew Wilkinson in Hagerstown, Maryland, on Thursday night, Pedro Argote, 49, is the target of an extensive manhunt. The father of four is currently at large, and police are now offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to his detention

.After losing custody of his kids and receiving a restraining order from the court overseeing his case, he is suspected of shooting Wilkinson. Now it has come to light that the fugitive was the subject of a June 2022 petition for a domestic violence protection order, which court documents allege was temporarily granted.In October 2020, when Argote allegedly became violent against his daughter, his wife asserted that she was compelled to step in and stop the horrific situation.

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Pedro Argote was 52 years old.

Pedro Argote Cause of Death

She stated in the petition, according to the Daily Record, “I got in the middle and told him for him to get to her he needed to hit me or kill me.”She further accused him of financial abuse and that he was limiting her mobility by always having the family’s car keys in his possession.She stated in her letter, “I need help, physical abuse is not the only sort of violence, and I can’t leave the house without his awareness. She continued by saying that after calling a domestic abuse shelter in 2012, she did not receive enough assistance to flee.

She also explained how the couple’s food truck company allowed her to save $2,800, but Argote stole this information. She stated in the petition, “I have been trying to end this relationship for the longest time, but I am afraid he will try to get custody of the kids.”A temporary protection order was issued, but when the Argote’s wife and her husband decided to divorce, she decided to withdraw her plea.

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The couple had been residing on different floors of the family house prior to the petition, an arrangement Wilkinson deemed odd but that Argote allegedly suggested in an effort to conserve money while the divorce was in progress. Sheriff Albert stated that despite having no past criminal history in Washington County, police had twice visited Argote’s home in the previous two years for “verbal domestic assaults.” According to a U.S. Marshals wanted poster, Argote is ‘armed and dangerous’ in the eyes of the agency’s agents.

The use of a legally acquired firearm in the incident was confirmed by investigators. In a disturbing Facebook review, Argote was seen thanking a gun store for its ‘fun and lively’ instruction and for giving him ‘confident’ gun handling skills. Argote remained at large as of Friday night. He may be using a silver 2009 Mercedes GL450 with Maryland license plates 4EH0408, and is described as 5’7, 130 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

According to Wilkinson’s ruling from last Thursday, Argote’s wife will have “sole use and possession of the family home,” and he is not allowed to go on the property. Argote was also mandated to provide $1,120 in child support each month for their four kids.Wilkinson’s wife and son were both inside their Hagerstown home at the time of the incident. The judge was shot and sent to the hospital, but he eventually died from his wounds.

Since the esteemed judge was killed, floral tributes have flooded in, and today the flag at his courthouse is flown at half-staff. The Maryland Judiciary described Wilkinson’s death as a “tragic loss” in a statement following the shooting. The message said, “As we mourn his passing, we ask that you keep the Wilkinson family in your prayers and please respect their privacy.” The safety of our judges, staff, and visitors is still our top priority, thus the Maryland Judiciary is actively collaborating with law enforcement to help resolve this issue.

Senator Ben Cardin of the United States expressed his condolences to Judge Wilkinson’s family, friends, and everyone else who was impacted by his public service.Cardin stated in a statement, “No one should have to experience the agony of having a loved one torn away in such a way.” There is no justification for this kind of aggression, especially when it involves a court official. The legal system is what keeps our civilization functioning. It might not be ideal, but every day, people like Judge Wilkinson tried to make it more just and better.

“Judge Wilkinson will be sorely missed for this,” it has been said of him. “His passion was clearly serving his local community.”‘This brutality is awful to see in our neighborhood,’ said Maryland Congressman David Trone, adding that he was’shocked and horrified’ by the killing. Our sympathies are with his family as they endure this unfathomable loss and with the police as they look into this murder.

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