Parker McCollum’s Wife: Is Parker McCollum Married?

Platinum-selling country sensation, Parker McCollum, has not only been making waves in the music scene but also in his personal life. The question on many fans’ minds is, “Is Parker McCollum Married?” Let’s delve into the heartwarming love story of Parker McCollum and his wife, Hallie Ray Light, and explore the exciting news of their expanding family.

Parker Mccollum
Parker Mccollum

Parker McCollum Wife

Platinum-selling country star Parker McCollum and his wife, Hallie Ray Light, recently shared exciting news with their fans – they are expecting their first baby! The couple made the heartwarming announcement on Instagram during their tropical getaway to St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

In a joint post, the couple posted a stunning photo against the backdrop of a warm sunset, capturing a kiss as Hallie Ray holds her growing baby bump. The caption reads, “God’s little blessing. We love you so much already, Baby M.” McCollum added a humorous touch with his comment, “Wow! Awesome news! So happy to hear about this! I love you babe! Congrats!”

Parker McCollum Married

The love story of Parker McCollum and Hallie Ray Light officially began when they tied the knot on March 28, 2022, at Boxwood Manor in Tomball, Texas. The romantic ceremony took place after McCollum’s heartfelt proposal in July of 2021.

The couple’s wedding, held in McCollum’s home state of Texas, was a spectacular event. Hallie Ray shared stunning photos from the ceremony, offering a glimpse into their special day. The radiant couple exchanged vows, and images of their wedding rings were a testament to their commitment.

Is Parker McCollum Married?

Various sources confirm McCollum’s marital status, putting to rest any speculations about his relationship status. The wedding in Tomball, Texas, was a significant milestone in their journey as a couple.

As the couple joyfully anticipates the arrival of their first child, fans are eager to share in their happiness. The news of Hallie Ray’s pregnancy adds another layer to the already heartwarming story of Parker McCollum and his wife.


In the midst of Parker McCollum’s successful country music career, the news of impending parenthood brings a new chapter to his life. The love story with Hallie Ray Light, from the romantic proposal to the beautiful wedding, and now the announcement of their first baby, is a tale that resonates with fans.

Stay tuned for more updates on Parker McCollum’s journey into parenthood, and let’s celebrate the love and joy that Hallie Ray and Parker are bringing into the world.

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