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A fire that started in a young Wisconsin bride’s home just hours before her wedding caused her death. After suffering from smoke inhalation after her Reedsburg home caught fire on Tuesday, the day of her wedding to Logan Mitchell-Carter, Paige Ruddy passed away from a brain haemorrhage on Wednesday, according to NBC 15.

A GoFundMe website claims that the happy occasion caused the Ruddy family to “go to bed excited.” Instead, the cops awakened them up to let them know that a fire had broken out. Paige could not be rescued despite the extraordinary efforts of people who love her, the Reedsburg police and firefighters, EMTs, the medical flight, and the amazing professionals at the UW hospital over two horrible days.

Paige Ruddy Age

Paige Ruddy was 19 years old.

Paige Ruddy Cause of Death

She continues, “She was in a big hospital waiting room with her family and friends.”Prior to their intimate wedding with close family members the following day, Ruddy and Mitchell-Carter exchanged vows in a secret ceremony on Monday evening. Living in the house on West Second Street with Mitchell-Carter and his grandparents was the newlywed.

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According to Ruddy’s aunt, the family doesn’t think the house, which belonged to her boyfriend’s grandparents, has any functional smoke detectors. She was simply a stunning person. Nothing about her could not be liked, the aunt, who gave her name as Holly, told NBC 15. She was the kind of presence you always needed in your life even when you didn’t realise it.

According to her family, Ruddy intended to enrol in a veterinary technology course at Madison Area Technical College in the autumn. Ruddy and Lily Markgraf, who both graduated from Reedsburg Area High School in June 2022, became fast friends by the time Lily was in the seventh grade, according to Lily Markgraf. “She had a big, loving heart,” Markgraf told the publication.

Regardless of whether she liked the individual, she was always there for everyone who needed her. She would be there to help them if they required her assistance. For the remainder of my life, she will be missed.Paige possesses more positive traits than you could possibly imagine. Paige was always full of life, willing to assist anyone with anything, and a great delight to be around, according to the GoFundMe page.

She was compassionate, humorous, and courageous, according to her relatives. Paige put a lot of effort into whatever she did. She says she does all the typical kid activities, but she also goes above and above to help her grandparents, parents, siblings, and friends.

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