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Oliver Lewin, 38, of Ferrars Road, Coalville, Leicestershire, had denied a charge of preparing terrorist acts and claimed he was a “fantasist” at a trial at Birmingham Crown Court. The court heard that Lewin conducted a reconnaissance of potential targets and tried to recruit others.

Lewin will be sentenced on January 20. Opening the Crown case at the start of the trial last month, Annabel Darlow KC said: “By 2021, Oliver Lewin was deeply opposed to the UK government. “Mr. Lewin, in fact, stated that his aim was to overthrow the British government.

Oliver Lewin Age

Oliver Lewin is 38 years old.

Incident Detail

“He believed that he was dominated by a Jewish elite that took orders from Israel. “He saw the spread of the coronavirus around the world triggering what he called the rise of a Chinese communist system.” He added: “Mr Lewin was also deeply suspicious of the coronavirus vaccination programme, which at the time was in the process of being rolled out across the country.”

Ms Darlow said Lewin described himself as “on the warpath” and added: “By 2021, he had decided to use the action to achieve his goal of destabilizing the government.” “His method of attack of his chosen of him was to target communication systems and transportation infrastructure.”

She said he planned to “physically attack the hardware” of the communication systems and “cause damage to the road network.” Under the alias “Crouching Hedgehog”, he used the encrypted messaging app Telegram to try to recruit others, pretending he was ex-Army, Ms Darlow KC added.

She later joined a Telegram group infiltrated by undercover cops, where she issued a “call to arms,” she said. Lewin had previously worked as an audiovisual engineer and for a small company that installed and maintained radio antennas.

He investigated targeting several masts in Leicestershire and Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands and a culvert under the M1, the court heard. When the police searched his address, they discovered a partially completed work entitled “Civil Resistance Operations Manual.”

In it, he wrote: “My ideal primary goal would be to overthrow the government and everything within it and install a civilian-led alternative that doesn’t act for themselves and regards anyone under them as mere scum.” After his arrest on August 25, 2021, he was interviewed and agreed to write the manual, purchase Army surplus equipment, and go on reconnaissance trips.

But he claimed that he was a fancier and that his efforts were mere “role-playing.” He also believed that “white people across Europe were being systematically killed by the vaccine” in a “planned genocide,” the court heard. After the trial, West Midlands Counter Terrorism Police Chief Det Ch Superpt Mark Payne said:

“Lewin claimed he was a fancier, but it is clear he took the necessary steps to carry out reconnaissance of targets to attack, bought equipment and tools, he hid – he went out and tried to recruit and train others. “He wanted to further a political cause by damaging property and taking down media organizations. “Extremists use this type of ideology to create discord, mistrust and fear among our communities and we strive to counter this.”

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