Oakland Tech High School shooting

Three people were injured in a shooting during an Oakland Technical High School football game Thursday. The 10-year-olds from Fresno and Oakland were playing soccer, and according to ABC, gunshots were most likely heard coming from the stands. A five-year-old girl and two adults, a man and a woman, were injured in the shooting.

Oakland Dynamites coach Quintrell Dotson denounced the shooting and spoke about how upsetting it was for the kids there.

What are the implications of the Oakland shooting?

Another example of the high levels of gun violence the country will experience in 2022 is the shooting at Oakland Tech High School. The Gun Violence Archive reports that in the first seven months of the current year, there were about 315 mass shootings across the country.

Almost 30 of the mass shootings have occurred in schools. Activists protesting the ease with which Americans can buy guns in several US states have expressed outrage at this.

The suspects in most of these high-profile shootings, including those in Texas, New York and Illinois, purchased firearms legally despite having a history of violence, crime or mental illness.

However, gun rights groups argue that the state of the nation’s mental health sector, not gun bans, is to blame for the problem. Many of them argue that access to firearms not only promotes individual security, but also ensures that people can challenge the government if necessary.

Despite this, the country’s gun laws continue to draw harsh criticism because gun violence there is far more prevalent than in most other developed Western nations. According to Health Data, the US has the eighth highest rate of fatal gun violence among 64 high-income countries.

More than 22,000 people have been killed in shootings this year, according to The Insider. The 4th of July weekend alone saw 220 deaths overall, with another high-profile incident occurring in Parkland, Illinois. An aspiring rapper named Robert Crimo is accused of opening fire on parade goers, killing 7 people and wounding 48 more.

According to Pew Research, homicides across the country have increased 30% since 2019 and have not significantly decreased even in 2022.

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