Nopalera on Shark Tank: Meet Sandra Velasquez, founder of award-winning skincare brand

Shark Tank season 14’s impending episode will include the honor winning Nopalera, a Mexican organic shower and body care line. The organization’s organizer, Sandra Velasquez will pitch an arrangement for $300,000 for 5% value in her organization.

Sandra experienced childhood in South California with her Mexican worker guardians and the one thing she saw a great deal was desert plants. She established the organization to commend her way of life and make the following “Latin inheritance brand.”

“Our items are propelled by the magnificence and extravagance of Mexico. We take our motivation from the nopal cactus, an old image of Mexican culture and one of the most supportable, feeding, and flexible plants on the planet.”

“You can eat it, make materials from it, and use it to hydrate your skin and hair. It is solid, tough, delightful, and has forever been here. Very much like us.”
Shark Tank’s impending episode will air on Friday, January 20, at 8 pm ET on ABC.

Sandra Velasquez, the pioneer behind Nopalera is right now equipping to show up on Shark Tank season 14 episode 12. She sent off the organization in 2020 with no external subsidizing while at the same time maintaining three sources of income. The venture launched in Brooklyn during the pandemic when Sandra was 44 years of age.

Sandra’s image has been highlighted in different distributions including Magnificence Autonomous, Forbes, Ladies’ Wellbeing, and Cosmopolitan. It was likewise named Latino Startup of the Year at the 2022 L’Attitude Gathering and procured the greater part 1,000,000 bucks in income the earlier year.

“Here in this nation, it’s like, Gracious, assuming it’s from France, it tends to be costly. Assuming it’s from Italy, it tends to be costly. Can any anyone explain why we have been adapted to seek to these Western European brands? I truly needed to situate our way of life as optimistic.”

She further expressed that she started making cleansers as a side interest when she was jobless in 2019. This drove her to perceive the absence of “culture-forward” Latin brands in the market. She then concluded that she planned to make a top of the line brand that would sell at premium retail shops and upset the “eurocentrism.”

The Shark Tank item is sold at more than 350 autonomous retailers, including Nordstrom, Philosophy, and Free Individuals. The line comprises of exfoliants, cleansers, bars, and product also. The cleansers cost $14, while exfoliants cost $32, and the bars sell at $30. The items can be bought as packs for $130 and as sets that cost $71. The items are likewise accessible on Amazon at a similar cost.

Sandra will show up on Shark Tank season 14 episode 12, which will highlight visitor shark Daniel Lubetzky. During her pitch, she lets the sharks know that she is looking for an arrangement for $300,000 for 5% value in her organization.

Daniel is intrigued with her saturating bars, which dispose of the utilization of plastic containers. He lets the business visionary know that he cherishes what she’s doing since youngsters nowadays sell feasible items, however actually, purchasers keep on purchasing more plastic jugs.

Tune in on Friday, January 20, at 8 pm ET to see what occurs next on Shark Tank on ABC.

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