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Nick Mullen Wiki – Nick Mullen  Biography

Nick Mullen (born December 13, 1973) is an American Comedian, Podcast Host, Actor, Writer, and Social Media Personality from Brooklyn, New York. He is well known for facilitating the webcast called “Cum Town”.

The comic features the successful digital recording along with individual jokers Stavros Halkias and Adam Friedland. Also, Mullen debuted with his appearance in the movie called “Jungleland”.

It’s a show movie and Max Winkler coordinated Jungleland. Also, it depends on the fighter “Lion” and his boss/his brother named “Stanley”. Mullen took on one of Clay Carlson’s small roles in the film.

A portion of Jungleland’s other main projects are Jack O’Connell (as Lion), Jessica Barden (as Sky), Charlie Hunnam (as Stanley), Fran Kranz (as Buck Noble), Jonathan Majors (as Pepper), and soon.

Early years, career and net worth Nick, 45, is the essential host of the project called “Cum Town”. He also remained the main host of the digital broadcast to appear in every episode. According to the source, Mullen submitted the web recording in May 2016, with then-visitor Halkias.

It’s a digital parody recording of an hour week by week depending on the discussion of the host and visitors. Nick even doubles as a creator and proofreader.

Also, the prankster began his career after moving to Austin, Texas. Later, he worked with different individual specialists such as Chris Cubas, Kath Barbadoro, Jake Flores and Norman “Chemical” Wilkerson.

He also lived in Los Angeles and Washington DC before moving to his old neighborhood, eg New York. Right now, the animator lives with Amber A’Lee Frost and Felix Biederman in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Mullen also acts as a creative right-hand man on several shoots, including a short film called Second Acts. As an essayist, he composed few episodes of the TV show called “Hazardous with Moshe Kasher” in 2017.

Due to his skill and hard work, Nick Mullen amassed a net worth of around $500,000 US dollars (as of 2019).