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Nancy Pelosi is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding political women that the United States has ever had. She is now 82 years old and looks younger than ever. Pelosi has been the subject of numerous rumors about cosmetic procedures, including botox, facelifts, neck lifts, eye lifts, and breast augmentation. Plastic surgeon, D. Anthony Youn, backed up the claims, saying: “A woman her age shouldn’t look this good.

It looks like she’s had a fair amount of surgery, probably an eyelid lift and even a facelift.” she reported. Washington Times. Pelosi’s breast augmentation rumors have generated much discussion on various online forums. According to Mediaite, in a recent interview with Fox News, Jason Whitlock implied that Pelosi had undergone breast augmentation surgery when he said her husband Paul was playing “hide the hammer” with a Black Lives Matter activist a Friday night while she was hard.

Nancy Pelosi Age

Nancy Pelosi is 82 years old.

Incident Detail

at work in Washington DC Whitlock was referring to the incident that occurred on October 28, when Paul was brutally attacked by a hammer-wielding intruder who broke into her home looking for the Speaker of the House. He reportedly said: “What I have to raise and defend, I am outraged by Nancy Pelosi. This woman took her hard earned insider trading money and invested it in a couple of cans at 82 and comes home to find her husband playing hide-and-seek with some guy from Black Lives Matter.”

Continuing his crude and dirty tirade, he said, “I’m upset about a couple of Nancy’s and he’s not interested. Are you suggesting that my information that she spent her money on a couple of cans, you’re saying it’s misinformation? I’ve I’ve seen a lot of evidence that I’m very comfortable She’s trying to attract her husband, but he’s interested in playing hide-and-seek on a Friday night with a weirdo!

People on social media were also quick to side with Whitlock. One user tweeted: “Gavin Newsom dropped all drunk driving charges against Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul. They are now vacationing at the exclusive Alpemare Beach Club near Florence, owned by Italian opera star Andrea Bocelli, with the Nancy’s new huge boob job. Another said: “Nancy Pelosi’s crazy boob job is humanizing.

It’s like the only thing she’s done that I relate to other than not being that good at her job. If I had $200 million I’d get bicep implants and a pelvic smoothing at age”. 93,” while another added, “I think a lot about how Nancy Pelosi could have had a boob job,” with pictures for comparison. Some expressed anger and frustration, saying it was disrespectful:

“Why the hell did Nancy Pelosi get her boobs done when women in America are fighting for their right to bodily autonomy? It feels disgusting and disrespectful, especially considering count the s** **and she’s at her job,” while others hinted that her husband had paid for it, “Nancy Pelosi’s husband is worth $238 million. Well, I guess we know who paid for the boob job.”

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