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An enthusiastic Chick-fil-A worker, Mykel Gordon, acted quickly to save a mother and baby from a carjacking in Fort Walton Beach, Florida Panhandle. William Branch, 43, attempted to steal the car of a mother carrying a baby before the local hero shot him down.

A potential criminal was handled by the employee, who put him in an MMA-style headlock and forced him to submit. The suspect was allegedly attempting to steal the woman’s keys on Sept. 14 in the restaurant’s parking lot, according to a Facebook post from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. The mother was removing her son from the car at the time while the suspect was allegedly carrying a stick during the attempted robbery, according to the sheriff’s office. He yelled at her, demanding her keys from her, and getting impatient, he snatched them from the waistband of her jeans. The suspect then entered the vehicle. When the victim screamed for help at that moment, our hero acted immediately.

Mykel Gordon Age

Mykel Gordon is 63 years old.

Incident Detail

The Okaloosa Co Sheriff’s Office official posted on Twitter: “William Branch of DeFuniak Springs is charged with #carjacking with a gun and battery after he took the car keys from a woman with a baby outside of Chick-fil-A on Beal Pkway and got into his car. An employee intervened after hearing the woman’s screams. Branch was wielding a stick.”

Running to the car, Gordon grabbed Branch, gave him an aggressive headlock and held him down as he tackled him to the ground. Gordon was hit in the face by the suspect, according to the sheriff’s office. Fortunately, Gordon suffered no major injuries as a result of his valiant efforts. Branch ran away from the situation as other Chick-fil-A staff members tried to intervene. But shortly after, he was arrested and charged with battery and carjacking with a gun.

The Okaloosa Co Sheriff’s Office official later posted the video on Twitter: “In reference to the FWB Chick-fil-A employee who ran to help a woman with a baby that was being stolen, we want to sincerely thank Ms. Kelner for providing a video of a portion of the encounter (see previous post). A big thank you to this young man for his courage!”

Gordon was originally recognized in a Facebook post from Chick-fil-A Fort Walton Beach, his workplace. Matthew Sexton, the owner of the franchise, posted a photo of Gordon. The post read, “This is the HERO! At Chick-fil-A, our mission is and today, Mykel went above and beyond…to save.”

Gordon states on his Facebook page that he has been the director of Speed ??of Service at Chick-fil-A since December 2016. On the same page, he states that his favorite saying is, “Don’t make other people do what you do.” that you can achieve.” yourself.’ Gordon, father and husband, has been praised in the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post. One user praised Gordon saying: “Whoever this kid is, mom, well done. You raised a fabulous human being and give this mommy heart hope for the world I’m raising my babies in. He’s lucky he didn’t catch the wrong mom with his CC.”

Another Facebook user commented: “Chick-fil-A is about to get even busier than usual as the entire community will want to shake hands with this hero to thank him for being awesome.”  One user suggested: “Hey dude OCSO is hiring and has a cadet program my man lol.” “That’s why we have the #1 Chick Fil A in America! Thanks to the employee who saved that woman and the baby,” greeted another. Gordon was applauded, “Awesome work and WAY TO BE SO BRAVE!”

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