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Morgan Daub, who was found dead clutching a 2.5 to 3 foot long metal sword, allegedly persuaded her parents to join the previously planned murder-suicide pact. The remains of Daub, 26, his mother Deborah, 59, and his father James, 62, were found Wednesday, January 25, in the backyard of their residence in the 2000 block of Loman Avenue, West Manchester Township.

A report from the York County Coroner’s Office confirmed that all three victims died of gunshot wounds to the head. James and Deborah were reportedly killed before their daughter shot herself. The death of the elders, who were licensed ministers, was ruled a homicide, while Morgan’s death was ruled a suicide.

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Morgan was 36 years old.

MorganĀ  Cause of Death

Investigators also revealed that Morgan was found with a metal sword in her left hand and an empty holster on the right side of her belt. The decorative sword was 2.5 to 3 feet long and had the words “The Sword of the Lord” inscribed on the blade of it. Investigators discovered a “living will” that had been signed by all three family members and taped to the inside of the home’s sliding glass door, according to a search warrant acquired by AI.com.

The will stated that if the group had been discovered alive, they would not have asked to be revived. Detectives analyzing “communications from family members” determined that the grisly murders were pre-planned and the three agreed to participate in the murder-suicide pact. Also found in the trash were some suicide notes, documenting the personal struggles of family members, as well as notes from the Bible.

In a note, Deborah shared that her daughter had suicidal thoughts and that she even complained of continuous audible hallucinations. “It appears from the writing left by her mother that it was quite detailed, that her daughter was suffering from auditory hallucinations and she was getting worse and she felt she couldn’t live like this any longer,” West Manchester detective Timothy Fink said.

The Municipal Police Department told Fox 43. It also added that at one point her mother decided to take her own life and convinced her husband to do the same. “It seems to indicate that the mother approached him about her plan and decided that she couldn’t live without them,” Detective Fink added.

Cops believe Morgan at one point encouraged her parents to join the murder-suicide pact, according to a People report. Signs of Morgan’s deteriorating mental health were also seen on her YouTube channel. Working under the identity of ‘LionessArising’, Morgan shared a large number of disturbing videos on her channel. In a video, she recited passages from the Bible and declared herself a “prophet of the Most High God.

” Before that, he had shared another 30-minute video in which he claimed that his family “were being denied fundamental human rights.” Detective Fink said that he had never encountered a tragedy like this before. “It seemed to be indicative of someone dealing with mental illness,” he told Fox. “We’ve all come to the conclusion that none of us have ever come across anything like this before.”

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