Mikhail Sergachev Injury Update: What Happened to Mikhail Sergachev?

The Tampa Bay Lightning faced a significant setback as defenseman Mikhail Sergachev suffered a serious leg injury during a recent game against the New York Rangers. In this article, we delve into the details of what transpired, the subsequent surgery, and the potential implications for the Lightning.

Mikhail Sergachev
Mikhail Sergachev

Mikhail Sergachev Injury Update

Sergachev underwent surgery in New York on Thursday to stabilize fractures to his left tibia and fibula. Coach Cooper confirmed that the talented defenseman would miss “significant time,” emphasizing the impact on the regular season. The road to recovery for Sergachev will involve rehabilitation in Tampa once he returns in the coming days.

Cooper acknowledged the difficulty of the situation, stating, “We’re going to have to do it now” about coping without Sergachev on the ice. The team faces the challenge of finding success without one of their key players.

What Happened to Mikhail Sergachev

Mikhail Sergachev’s return to the ice after a 17-game injury absence took a grim turn when he left the game against the Rangers in the second period. The incident occurred as he attempted to make a hit on Rangers forward Alexis Lafrenière, resulting in an awkward bend to his left leg.

The impact of the collision led to Sergachev being stretchered off the ice, leaving fans and teammates concerned.

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Mikhail Sergachev Injury Video

Sergachev’s left leg appeared to bend awkwardly as he attempted to make a hit on Rangers forward Alexis Lafrenière along the right boards. The impact was visibly distressing, with Sergachev in audible pain immediately following the collision.

However, he gave the crowd a thumbs-up as he was being taken off the ice, showcasing remarkable resilience in the face of adversity.

Lightning coach Jon Cooper expressed his concern, stating, “Sergachev’s always going to be with us, just not on the ice right now.” This unfortunate event added to Sergachev’s recent challenges, having missed 17 games before the incident.

Team’s Response and Impact

The Tampa Bay Lightning, already coping with Sergachev’s previous absence, now faces the challenge of navigating a significant period without their key defenseman. Coach Jon Cooper acknowledged the difficulty, stating, “He’s going to miss significant time, and significant meaning the regular season. So we’re going to have to find a way to get by without him.”

The team’s captain, Steven Stamkos, expressed the sentiment, saying, “It’s tough. Tough to watch.”

Victor Hedman, another defenseman on the Lightning, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the difficulty of witnessing Sergachev’s pain, especially considering it was his first game back after a lengthy absence.

Sergachev’s Emotional Response

The emotional toll on Sergachev was evident in his Instagram post, where he expressed his frustration: “Oh man, why me? Why now? After all the games missed, coming back and getting injured again, feels unfair, feels terrible.”

Despite the adversity, Sergachev conveyed determination, stating, “I’ll come back stronger, and I know I’ll play better than before.”

The defenseman, who had just returned to the lineup after missing 17 games due to a lower-body injury, had been eagerly anticipating his comeback. However, fate had other plans, leaving Sergachev to face yet another setback.


Mikhail Sergachev’s injury has undoubtedly shaken the Tampa Bay Lightning and their fans. The road to recovery will be challenging, both for the player and the team. As they navigate the remainder of the season without Sergachev, the Lightning will have to rely on their resilience and adaptability to maintain their competitive edge in the NHL.

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