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After reportedly being captured on camera peeing in the city’s water system on at least two different occasions, a 57-year-old government worker in Louisiana was detained and charged with numerous felonies. According to records analysed by Law&Crime, Michael Mastin, a worker at a water supply treatment plant in Donaldsonville, was detained last week and charged with two charges of contaminating water sources and one count of causing criminal damage to important infrastructure.

Around 40 miles southeast of Baton Rouge in Ascension Parish is where you’ll find Donaldsonville. The former city employee can be seen leaving an office behind a massive pool of water in security video obtained by Baton Rouge NBC affiliate WVLA-TV. The office is encircled by yellow guard rails with three control panels attached to the front rail.

Michael Mastin Age

Michael Mastin is 36 years old.

Michael Mastin Incident Detail

The security camera is set up to record the control panels, water pool, and office door. A man who looks like Mastin approaches the camera and adjusts it so the pool is no longer visible. Then, after many glances in the direction of the camera, the man walks over to the rail and appears to unzip his fly and pee into the pool. He then comes back into the office after zipping up his fly once more.

Around 30 seconds after leaving the office, he comes back and puts the camera back where it was so that the pool is once more in the frame. Clint Cointment, the president of Ascension Parish, is said to have told WVLA that his administration began an investigation as soon as it became aware of Mastin’s alleged activities on March 22 in the morning.

Mastin was fired from his tenured position with the city at roughly 2:45 p.m. when it became clear that the charges were true. Records reveal that less than two hours after he was fired, sheriff’s deputies arrested him. The incident, while crude, did not jeopardise the safety of the city’s drinking water, which still satisfies all necessary criteria, according to information provided to WVLA by Cointment.

Cointment issued a statement saying, “As Parish President, I am exceedingly unhappy and I find this conduct repulsive and inappropriate. “Parish government will never allow this kind of conduct. We have demanded accountability from our parish staff members ever since this administration got underway, and this time is no different. I demand transparency on behalf of the general population.

According to a report from The Advocate, Mastin declined to explain to APSO investigators why he reportedly discharged himself in the water supply after being arrested, especially given that there was a bathroom nearby on the same floor. According to the article, authorities examined security footage and discovered that Mastin had urinated in the pool at least once more in the last 30 days, which is the most recent period covered by the plant’s video archives.

According to Cointment, the incident “is now in their jurisdiction as an active investigation” and that his administration has informed the state Department of Health, the 23rd Judicial District Attorney’s Office, and federal authorities about the suspected crime.

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