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A doting father, who has terminal brain cancer, hopes that country star Tim McGraw will appear with him at his daughters’ weddings one day. Michael Hugo, 37, was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma in April 2022. Hugo is a natural adventurer and athlete. He has reportedly skydived, earned his pilot’s license, dived the Great Barrier Reef, completed a staggering 11 Iron Man races, and ran more than 100 marathons.

Despite his debilitating condition, Hugo hasn’t lost his competitive spirit. “If we’re running on a treadmill in the gym and you’re next to me, we’re running,” he told WPBF 25 News, adding, “You may not know it, but we’re running.” Hugo has been married to his wife Vanessa for more than a decade and the couple have two daughters, ages 6 and 7. “They’re getting to that age where their personality is really blossoming.

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Michael Hug is 36 years old.

Incident Detail

They’re pranksters like me,” he said. . In April 2022, Hugo was driving to his house when he suffered a seizure and crashed his car. He was rushed to a hospital with a broken back, but MRIs of his brain changed his life forever. In a surprising coincidence, Hugo reportedly works in the sale of neurological medical devices, while his wife is a clinical research analyst.

The father of two knew he was cancer when he saw scans of him, but he didn’t know how aggressive he was. However, he was scheduled to undergo brain surgery less than a week later. “It grew back right after the surgery, but it was still within the radiation field,” he said, adding, “So, between the radiation, the Optune, and the different chemotherapies I’m on, I’ve had stable scans.

Some people they can live for years with stable scans.” Optune is reportedly an FDA-approved medical device designed to treat glioblastoma. Hugo wears the machine on his head to slow the spread of the tumor. Hugo is currently writing birthday and milestone letters for his daughters. However, what he really wants is to dance with his daughters on their wedding day.

He did the daddy-daughter dance in Wellington, and it was amazing,” he said, adding: “It got me thinking, ‘Man, I want to dance with my kids at their wedding.'” Hugo said that he understood that the chances of his survival were slim. “I know the statistics,” he admitted, adding: “The statistics for glioblastoma are a median survival of 14 months; half of people are dead by 14 months. Five-year survival is four or five percent.”

However, he hopes to make a video appearance with country legend Tim McGraw, who also lost his father to brain cancer. “His father passed away from glioblastoma and he wrote that song, ‘Live Like You Were Dying.’ It hits me hard,” Hugo said, adding that he hoped the star would find his calling on social media to film a duet with him of his hit song, ‘My Little Girl.’ McGraw contact him.

Meanwhile, he is reading the book ‘The Daily Stoic’ which he said brought him peace about the probability of the inevitable. “We live a thousand tragedies in our minds,” he explained, adding: “Not all of them come true. Most of them don’t. The reality is that this one will probably come true, but I don’t need to live through that tragedy every day.”

Hugo thanked his neurosurgeon for his current quality of life. “Dr. Komotar from the University of Miami did a great job, so I can have this conversation with minimal deficit, but the reality is that my golf swing still hooks a little bit to the left,” he joked. Hugo is scheduled to start another round of oral chemotherapy next week, according to WPBF.

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