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The word “plastic surgery” is often taken to mean a very expensive cosmetic procedure, performed by many to look more attractive. While there are several celebrities who have undergone the cosmetic procedure and have spoken quite a bit about it, there are several who prefer not to reveal if they have undergone plastic surgery, and there are still others whose fantastic physique and bodies have led several fans to speculate.

who have undergone surgery despite any kind of confirmations. Known for her unparalleled wit and humor, businesswoman, writer, and television personality Martha Stewart is a celebrity that falls into the third category. At 81, Martha Helen Stewart still maintains a physique that could make any 20-something envious. In fact, people find it hard to imagine that she is the grandmother of two lovely children.

Martha Stewart Age

Martha Stewart is 81 years old.

Incident Detail

Stewart became a grandmother in 2011 when her daughter Alexis gave birth to a daughter named Jude. Her brother Truman was born a year later. Her graceful personality, witty comments of hers, and unbelievably beautiful face of hers have made several people on the internet wonder again and again if she ever had plastic surgery.

While celebrities like Dolly Parton, Cardi B, and Kourtney Kardashian have revealed that they’ve had the cosmetic procedure, Stewart seems to have her own way of staying young and attractive. One of her recent Instagram posts of her shows a close-up of her face, with no added filters, as she receives a beauty treatment.

The only word that she could properly describe her face as seen in that post would be ‘flawless’. “Absolutely no new pics!!! Her skin looks good after a mostly dry January,” part of the caption to her post read. Martha’s post has reignited the question: “Has she ever had facelift surgery?”; and the simple answer to this is, “no, she didn’t.”

In an interview with People in 2020, Martha, while advising fans of hers to practice self-care for herself, said, “I’ve never had a facelift.” She did, however, reveal that she uses Juvéderm injections approximately twice a year. “I mainly work with two excellent dermatologists, who are very conservative with anything they would do to my face.

A few Juvéderm injections here or there every once in a while, maybe twice a year, and those are basically the skin treatments I get.” She told the magazine. Refuting all the plastic surgery rumors surrounding her, Martha also told The New York Times that she had never had plastic surgery. “You can absolutely say that. No knife to my face, neck or back,” she told the publication.

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