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Corbin Dahmontrey Holston, age 23, Philstavious Dowdell, age 18, of Camp Hill, and Shaunkivia (KeKe) Nicole Smith, age 17, a senior at Dadeville High School, are the other casualties. Dadeville’s community is still reeling from the horrible tragedy and is filled with shock and grief. The police claimed to have solid leads in the investigation.

However, no suspect has been detained as of yet. Additionally, the reason for the violence is still a mystery. Marsiah Emmanuel Collins: who was he? Let’s get to know the shooting victim from Alabama today.Marsiah Emmanuel Collins, 19, of Opelika, Alabama, lost his life in a shooting spree that took place on Saturday at a “Sweet 16” birthday celebration in Dadeville.

Marsiah Emmanuel Collins Age

Marsiah Emmanuel Collins was 19 years old.

Marsiah Emmanuel Collins Cause of Death

His sudden and untimely passing is being lamented by the Collins family. Martin Collins, Marsiah Collins’ father, described his son as an aspiring musician who was excited to enrol at Louisiana State University in the fall.His father added that Marsiah had been accepted to LSU for the previous autumn semester. However, the young man made the decision to forgo a year of schooling in order to focus on his music career and spend time with his mother and sisters.

The grieving father added that his cherished son loved football and had previously played defensive end for the men’s football team at Opelika High School. According to reports, Martin Collins set up a move for Marsiah in the next fall last week.Martin Collins, the father of Marsiah Emmanuel Collins, recalled him as a charming, humorous child who loved to brighten up a room.

The child possessed many traits of his paternal grandmother, the victim’s distraught father claimed. The 19-year-old aspiring musician was also a wonderful big brother to his sisters. On Sunday morning, Martin Collins, a Louisiana State University law student, learned that his son was one of the massacre victims. Father who was devastated claimed that he hadn’t slept since Saturday night for a few days.

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“I couldn’t believe it at all. I still find it difficult to accept it. The distraught father remarked, “I can’t accept it.Martin said his son was brought up in a two-parent home. Martin, a Samford University alumnus, served in Iraq with the Marine Corps. The distraught father claimed that everything he had accomplished in life had been done to inspire his son and serve as a good example for him.

Because he was filming a music video with a gun, Marsiah’s father proceeded to try to paint him as a criminal in a tweet. Martin claims that the gun was a fake and that the narrative that Marsiah killed himself is untrue. The victim’s family is left wondering who is to blame and why there was a mass shooting after a few days pass with no sign of the suspect.

The two victims, Marsiah Emmanuel Collins and Philstavious Dowdell, were buddies, it has been found. Camp Hill, Alabama native Dowdell was a senior at Dadeville High School. After receiving a football scholarship, Philstavious had already made a commitment to Jacksonville State University.They were all enjoying the birthday party of Dowdell’s sister.

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