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Mark Brown, 41, from St Leonards, East Sussex, killed Alexandra Morgan and Leah Ware, who disappeared within six months of each other in 2021. He once predicted to his boss that he would be “falling” for at least 25 years, he was told at his trial at Hove Crown Court. Brown, who never revealed what happened to Ms Ware, will be sentenced on January 13. Judge Nicholas Hilliard said: ”

This is clearly a very serious case and the effect on the families of the victims must be absolutely devastating.” He said Brown will be sentenced to life in prison and will have to decide the minimum prison term or “consider whether he will ever be paroled.” The remains of Mrs. Ware were never found. Brown, the father of one who had a long-term partner, has always maintained that he doesn’t know where she is and that she is still alive.

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Mark Brown is 71 years old.

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But the judge told the court that if Brown wishes to confirm what he has done with her body, that will be something he will consider between now and sentencing. Brown had claimed that Morgan, known to friends and family as Alex and a single mother of two, had slipped and fell with a tool or mechanical equipment in a shop she rented at Little Bridge Farm near Hastings, hitting her head.

He told the court that there was “a lot of blood” and that he was convinced that she had died. Squirrel Close’s Brown later admitted that he disposed of her body “in a panic” to cover it all up. He put her body in an incinerator made from an oil drum.

His trial listened to a message he sent that the prosecution said referred to the process he used to dispose of the women’s remains. “I’m going to be very careful how I say this,” the message read. “It happened again, not too long ago, when he got rid of something.” “It’s a very unpleasant thing to do: an old oil drum, five liters of diesel and, voila, there’s not much left.”

Brown was working on a building site in Sevenoaks when he was questioned by Kent police after Miss Morgan went missing. in November 2021. He told his boss Alan Downs that he expected to be arrested. Brown also sent a message to a friend saying, “The things I’ve done weigh heavily on my heart, head and soul. A psycho with a conscience, it’s actually a joke.”

The police decided that they wanted to speak to Ms. Ware about Ms. Morgan, having discovered that Ms. Ware had been in a relationship with Brown. That’s when they found out they hadn’t seen her since May 2021. While searching Brown’s van, Kent police officers found prescription drugs in Ms. Ware’s name.

She also met Brown through his work as an escort for her, but she moved to Little Bridge Farm after being in a relationship with him for about three years. Tamsin Gregory, a friend of Ms Ware’s, said she had “concerns” about Brown’s relationship with her. “It seemed like he controlled her a lot,” she said.

Mrs. Ware lived on the farm with her two dogs, Duke and Lady, to whom she was devoted. Brown killed her around May 7, 2021 after tensions rose when she pressured him to leave her partner of 14 years, she told jurors. In the days immediately after the prosecution said she died, Duke was relocated with Brown’s sister. Ms Ware’s family said she would never have agreed to this. Lady, a Pomeranian, hasn’t been seen since.

However, during a police search of the farm, the skeletal remains of a Pomeranian were found in a pond on the site, at the end of a collar and lead attached to a weight. The prosecution argued that it was Lady’s bones. Brown admitted to giving different accounts to different people about Ms Ware’s disappearance, saying that she had been “sectioned”, sent to “a mental hospital” or that she had “committed suicide” and that she was “at peace”. .

The prosecution argued that he had killed her and disposed of her body in an oil drum. Ms Morgan was last seen at a gas station with her Mini Cooper near Cranbrook on November 14. Following a public appeal, Kent police found her car and the remains of Ms Morgan.

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