Lucciana Beynon Height, Weight, Age Instagram, and Wiki

Lucciana Beynon, daughter of Australian tobacco tycoon Travers Beynon, known as the Candyman, has been making waves in the modeling and social media world. Let’s delve into the life of this young influencer, from her early beginnings to her flourishing career and personal life.

Lucciana Beynon Height In Feet
Lucciana Beynon Height In Feet

Who is Lucciana Beynon?

Born on July 9, 2001, in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Lucciana Beatriz Beynon is the youngest child of Travers Beynon and Ninibeth Leal. Growing up amidst her father’s extravagant lifestyle at the Candy Shop Mansion, Lucciana has embraced her Venezuelan heritage, inspired by her mother’s successful stint as Miss World Venezuela in 1991.

Despite her father’s polyamorous lifestyle, Lucciana has remained unaffected and holds a strong bond with her family, including her brother Valentino Beynon and half-sisters from her father’s previous marriage.

Lucciana Beynon Age

Currently, at the age of 22, Lucciana Beynon is making strides in her modeling career and expanding her presence on social media platforms.

Lucciana Beynon Weight

While specific details about Lucciana Beynon’s weight are 60 kg (132 lbs), her height adds to her allure. Standing tall and elegant, she boasts a captivating presence that leaves an indelible impression on those around her.

Lucciana Beynon Height in Feet

Lucciana Beynon stands at an impressive height 5 Feet 8 inches exuding confidence and grace in her endeavors.

How Tall Is Lucciana Beynon?

175 cm With her statuesque figure, Lucciana Beynon commands attention wherever she goes, captivating audiences with her stunning presence.

Lucciana Beynon Instagram

With a staggering following of over 176k on Instagram, Lucciana Beynon has become a social media sensation, captivating audiences with her mesmerizing photos and engaging content. Her Instagram handle @luccianabeynon serves as a window into her world, offering glimpses of her glamorous life and exciting adventures.

Lucciana Beynon Wiki

Lucciana Beynon’s upbringing, career trajectory, and personal life are detailed in her Wikipedia page, offering insights into her journey as a model and social media influencer. Lucciana has successfully collaborated with renowned brands such as ASOS and has actively participated in prominent occasions like Miami Swim Week.

Her dedication and talent have contributed to her rising prominence in the fashion industry.”The individual in question is presently in a relationship with Wes Nelson, who is an English singer and television personality known for his appearances on reality shows such as Love Island and Dancing on Ice.”

Her relationship with Wes Nelson, an English singer and television personality, has also garnered attention, adding to her public persona.

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