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Who was Leydy Paola Martinez Billalobos? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death

Leydy Paola Martinez Billalobos  Wiki – Leydy Paola Martinez Billalobos Biography

The Colombian mother who killed herself at a family shelter in Queens was told by employees she was a bad mother days before she took her own life, according to a friend of the deceased.
DailyMail.com can now confirm that the mother of two was Leydy Paola Martinez Billalobos, 32, a migrant from Bogotá who had been living at Family Shelter in Hollis, Queens with her 15-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. – since May.

There, she was reportedly harassed and scolded by shelter employees for leaving her children alone, against shelter rules, before hanging herself with a shower rod on Sunday.

Leydy Paola Martinez Billalobos Age

Leydy Paola Martinez Billalobos was  32 years old.

Leydy Paola Martinez Billalobos Cause of Death

Billalobos was found by her teenage son, Kevin Billalobos, with an electrical cord wrapped around his neck. The heartbroken boy told police he felt he was to blame for his mother’s death and described his mother to reporters as “perfect.” Now the teenager and his younger sister, 7, are reportedly staying at a hotel with a family friend since the tragedy. It is not clear if they will be sent back to Bogotá to live with their father.

The Colombian migrant who committed suicide on Sunday has been identified as Leydy Paola Martínez Billalobos, 32 years old. She had been living at Family Shelter in Hollis, Queens with her 15-year-old son and her 7-year-old daughter since May, and she had been waiting for her husband, John Bernal, to join the family. in the US A friend, whose name was withheld for security reasons, told Univision/Noticias 41 on Tuesday that both she and Billalobos had had trouble finding work because neither had work papers.

“We look for everything: wash the dishes, clean the apartment, whatever,” the friend said. Eventually, she told him, Billalobos had taken a job cleaning someone’s house. But when she left for work, Billalobo had to leave her children alone, apparently breaking the shelter’s rule that children under 18 need parental supervision. When some of her staff found out what she had done to her, they “made her feel bad” and called her a “bad mother” because she left her children alone, the friend of the deceased told the media.

“She went out to clean the house to feed her children,” the friend said, adding, “A lot of the women are a little depressed about the rules and regulations around childcare and shelter.” Meanwhile, Billalobos’ husband, John Bernal, said his wife was stressed and overwhelmed in the days leading up to her death. She was alone with her children trying to find work so she could support her family while she waited for him to come to New York, but every time she tried, she was deported to Columbia.

“I advised him to be patient,” she said. “She was desperate because I had not been able to arrive. I tried three times but I couldn’t. It is not clear if the children will return to Colombia to be with their father. They are currently staying at a hotel, the news outlet reported. The Colombian Consulate is in the process of trying to bring Billalobos’s body back to her homeland of Colombia, the news outlet said. The friend also revealed to Univision that she provoked Kevin’s screaming on Sunday afternoon after he made the shocking discovery, but she was unable to comfort him due to the security surrounding her.

The woman, who lives with her husband and her two children, ages 9 and 14, said she came to New York from Venezuela by bus two months ago and that it took them a full month and 15 days to get here. . She said that while she is “very grateful to have a place to sleep,” “some of the workers treat the mothers very badly.” In fact, Sandra Padera, 42, who has lived in the shelter for three years with her husband and her three children, said some of the employees are “racist,” particularly toward the Central American population. and from the South.

She said that she cannot work and has no work papers, claiming, “Those who have work papers are treated better than those who don’t.” Another woman, who asked not to be identified, also said that “the shelter treats migrants badly, especially immigrants.” And Nadia V., 36, who runs a neighborhood grocery store, said Billalobos had come looking for work a few months ago, but since she didn’t have work papers, she said she couldn’t be hired.

When she learned that she was the woman from Billalobos who committed suicide at the shelter, she was shocked and saddened. I can’t believe it was her. I don’t know why she would kill herself…so tragic. ‘What will happen to her children?’ she asked. ‘I hope they send the husband here now [to New York] and don’t send her children back to Colombia. It’s much worse there,” Nadia said. “At least in New York they will get benefits and attention.”

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