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The father of one has been jailed for life after he strangled a teenage girl to death for rejecting his sexual advances. Lewis Haines, 31, was sentenced to a minimum of 23 years in prison at Cardiff Crown Court on Friday 26 August for the murder of Lily Sullivan following a night out in Wales last December. The mother of 18-year-old college student Anna Sullivan described her daughter’s killer as “pure evil” and noted how she strangled her while she waited in a garage to greet her.

Lily Sullivan Age

Lily Sullivan is 18 years old.

Incident Detail

“I wish I had stopped Lily from going out that night,” Anna said after sentencing. She watched as Lewis drove past his car after he killed his daughter. “She looked Me square in the eye knowing what she had done,” she added. During sentencing, Judge Paul Thomas QC told the killer: “She strangled her face to face, she must have been terrified. An 18 year old girl alone in the dark with a powerful man. She was entirely at your mercy and you, Lewis Haines, showed her none of it. You were completely thinking about your own survival.” The judge said Lily’s death had caused “devastation for many”.

Detective Chief Inspector Richard Yelland described Lewis Haines as “violent and predatory” as he spoke outside Swansea Crown Court. “On the night of December 17 last year, 18-year-old Lily Sullivan enjoyed a night out with friends,” he said. “In the early hours of the next morning, the violent and predatory actions of Lewis Haines took Lily’s life in an attempt to meet her own needs. Lewis Haines went through numerous opportunities to seek help while fleeing the scene of his crime. These cruel actions have changed the lives of all those who knew Lily and the close-knit community of Pembroke.”

The 31-year-old man met his victim at a nightclub in Pembroke. The couple reportedly kissed after meeting at the Out location on December 16 and then went to a nearby alley together where they reportedly became more intimate. Lily was later found face down and topless in Mill Pond, a two-mile-long freshwater reservoir near town. The father of one confessed to the murder but denied sexual misconduct. However, Judge Paul Thomas QC concluded after a trial for the facts that Lewis Haines had killed the teenager after she rejected his sexual advances.

“Clearly Lewis Haines wanted to make sure Lily died. Her intent was to silence her,” the judge said. “He didn’t want anyone to know what had happened in lane. I am sure, however, having been on that path for some time with Lily and having intimate contact with her to some extent, Lily decided that she would go home to meet her mother. From her phone call, she made it clear to her mother that she did not want the intimacy between her and Lewis Haines to escalate into sexual relations. Driven as he was by drink, I’m sure Lewis Haines was frustrated by this because he had expectations and hopes that he would go further,” added Thomas.

The killer claimed that the 18-year-old threatened to accuse him of rape and that he did not want his partner and his family to know what happened between them. Prosecutor William Hughes QC argued that Lewis “showed sexual interest in Lily” from the moment he met her at the scene and admitted that they kissed in the alley where her jacket, cell phone and tin of cigarettes were later found. . The teenager had called her mother at 2:47 a.m. but was interrupted mid-sentence, and Hughes said authorities believe “Lily was attacked at that time.” before she was pushed into the water. However, the defense claimed there was no forensic evidence of sexual contact between the pair or evidence that her upper body had been ripped from her body while it remained intact.

As mentioned, Lily’s mother was on the phone with her moments before the attack, but her line went dead. She tried to call her daughter 30 times, but to no avail. Her last conversation reportedly took place when Lily told her mother that she would meet her in the garage. “I’m on my way,” she had said. “I’m a couple of minutes away. I’m almost there.

The court heard how Haines was crying and hysterical when he came home at 3:40 am and told his girlfriend Maisie John that he had killed someone. John told authorities that Haines’s jeans were wet and that he had blood on his arms. She recalled that he was “hysterical” and repeatedly asked to be taken to her mother’s house. She reportedly admitted on the way, “I think she’s dead.” The Crown Prosecution Service released CCTV footage showing Lily and Haines walking through the empty streets after leaving the scene. Haines can be seen taking the teenager’s bag in one clip, The Independent reported.

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