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In connection with the horrible death of a lady who was viciously struck from behind while out walking in Arizona, police have detained a suspect. A 29-year-old esthetician from Washington, Lauren Heike had just recently relocated to the Phoenix region. She was allegedly alone on the Reach 11 driveway, a short distance from her house, when the attacker brutally killed her.

Despite the fact that her body was located approximately 24 hours after the incident, she was found in a location that was difficult to see from the route. The horrific assault left Heike’s body severely traumatised, according to the authorities. Authorities have referred to the murderer’s actions as “appalling,” despite the fact that they have not yet disclosed how the crime was carried out.

Lauren Heike Age

Lauren Heike was 29 years old.

Lauren Heike Cause of Death

A guy has reportedly been detained in connection with the murder of Heike, according to a Phoenix Police update. Phoenix Police announced in a tweet that “a man has been taken into custody in connection with the murder of 29-year-old Lauren Heike.” The authorities have not yet made his identify public, though.

Law enforcement officials named the culprit earlier this week and released distressing footage of an anonymous person jogging down the route where Heike’s body was found. The person suspected of killing Heike was thought to be a tall, dark-skinned man who stood between 5′ 8″ and 6′. According to reports, he was dressed in dark trousers, a bag, a grey or lighter-colored shirt and shoes.The cops apprehended the culprit while he was dressed similarly.

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