Larry Campbell Net Worth: How Much Is Larry Campbell Worth? Know His Income Sources, Contracts, and Salary

Larry Campbell Net Worth

Larry Campbell, a dedicated news producer at the NFL Network, had an illustrious 17-year career contributing significantly to the network’s growth and success. A proud 1996 graduate of Central State University with a Master’s Degree from Michigan State University, Campbell’s educational foundation played a crucial role in shaping his prosperous career in the media industry.

A Dedicated Professional at NFL Network

“During his tenure at the NFL Network, Larry worked closely with hosts Andrew Siciliano and Steve Wyche. His colleagues remember him as a dear friend and a dedicated professional.”

Campbell’s unique position as the only full-time black newsroom member made him an invaluable asset to the network. His sudden passing in 2024 was a tragic loss for the NFL, leaving a profound void in the industry and among his colleagues.

Larry Campbell Net Worth
Larry Campbell Net Worth

Larry Campbell NFL Network Net Worth 2024

Larry Campbell’s significant achievements marked his career at the NFL Network, where he produced numerous shows, including the NFL Report. Despite his noteworthy contributions, details about Larry Campbell’s net worth in 2024 remain confidential.

“While there is no public information available regarding Larry Campbell’s net worth in 2024, it’s safe to say that with his long tenure at the NFL Network, he was likely compensated well for his work.”

News producer salaries can vary based on factors such as experience, network size, and other considerations. Given Campbell’s extensive involvement in numerous shows and his influential position, it’s reasonable to assume that he enjoyed a competitive compensation package.

Larry Campbell Contracts, and Salary

“Larry Campbell’s dedication and professionalism made him a crucial asset for the NFL producer.”

While the exact figures of Larry Campbell’s NFL Network net worth and salary remain undisclosed, insights into the average earnings of NFL Network producers provide a glimpse into his potential financial standing.

  • The average salary for NFL Network producers hovers around $60,000 annually, translating to approximately $5,000 per month.
  • Senior producers, a position Campbell may have held, earn at least $130,000 per year, with potential for higher earnings based on market value and experience.

“For instance, a segment producer at NFL Network, a role similar to Campbell’s, earns an average of $75,000 annually.”

How Much Is Larry Campbell Worth?

Considering Larry Campbell’s extensive experience and significant contributions to the network, it’s plausible that he earned a salary on the higher end of the scale. Senior producers at the NFL Network earn between $96,000 and $154,000 annually, reinforcing the notion that Campbell’s compensation likely reflected his seasoned expertise.

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