Lansdowne Fire Shooting: House Fire and Shooting in Southeastern Pennsylvania Leave Six Unaccounted For, Including Children

In a shocking incident in East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, two officers found themselves in the line of fire while responding to reports of a child shot on Lewis Avenue. The situation escalated quickly, leading to a series of events that unfolded tragically.

Lansdowne Fire Shooting

Around 3:45 p.m., a distressing call reached the police, reporting the shooting of an 11-year-old girl inside a home on Lewis Avenue. Officers from East Lansdowne and neighboring departments rushed to the scene, only to face an unexpected turn of events. As they approached the home, a gunman opened fire, leaving two officers injured.

Lansdowne Fire Shooting
Lansdowne Fire Shooting

“The officers were each shot once in the leg and were pulled to safety by officers from Upper Darby,”. The wounded officers were promptly taken to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center and are currently in stable condition.

What Happened at Lansdowne?

Amidst the chaos, another disturbing element surfaced. Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer revealed that at some point during the incident, the home became engulfed in flames, adding a layer of complexity to an already dire situation.

“We don’t know who the shooter was, we don’t know how many people were in there, we don’t know their status, we don’t know if they’re alive,” states Stollsteimer, emphasizing the uncertainty surrounding the incident.

The Unanswered Questions

The investigation is still ongoing, and crucial details remain elusive. Stollsteimer acknowledges the challenges, saying, “We are still actively investigating the scene.” The nature of the crime scene, compounded by the ongoing house fire, hinders authorities from entering and conducting a thorough search.

What Happened At Lansdowne
What Happened At Lansdowne

“The victim’s family had a lot of people living in the house, including children. At least six to eight people are unaccounted for,” reveals Stollsteimer. The uncertainty about the well-being and whereabouts of those in the house adds to the complexity of the situation.

Heroic Actions and Gratitude

Amidst the tragedy, Stollsteimer commended the heroics of the officers involved. “They ran up towards danger so the rest of us can run away from it–they were immediately met by gunfire, and two officers have been struck,” he expressed. The swift response from the Upper Darby Police Department played a crucial role in ensuring the injured officers were pulled to safety.

Community Shock and Ongoing Fire

As the fire continued to rage for over two hours, residents in the vicinity expressed shock and disbelief. “I’m shocked because nothing like this happens around here, and I have lived here a long time,” said a resident, highlighting the rarity of such incidents in the area.

The fire scene remains perilous, preventing authorities from initiating a comprehensive investigation. Fire crews are expected to remain on-site throughout the night, and the exact number of victims is not anticipated to be confirmed until Thursday morning.

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