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Kevin Dizmang, a 63-year-old Colorado man, died on November 15 of last year while members of a mental health crisis response unit held him down. The county coroner’s office has now ruled Dizmang’s death a homicide. In body camera footage released by Kevin Dizmang’s family, the deceased can be seen being strangled to death by responding officers.

The coroner’s report indicated that the primary cause is physical restraint, however, there are several contributing factors. Previously, civil rights lawyer Harry Daniels had compared Dizmang’s death to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. However, on Wednesday, February 15, District Attorney Michael J. Allen declared that Kevin Dizmang’s death was “justified.”

Kevin Dizmang Age

Kevin Dizmang  was 63 years old.

Kevin Dizmang  Cause of Death

The family has yet to be notified that no criminal charges have been filed against the paramedics who handled Dizmang that day. On November 15, 2022, Kevin Dizmang was handcuffed after he was found walking in traffic. The mental health crisis team arrived at the 200 block of Mount View Lane and began to restrain him. Ultimately, the Colorado man passed away from cardiac arrest that reportedly occurred due to the restraint and due to him dealing with acute methamphetamine intoxication.

On January 6, five medical professionals signed a report concluding that Dizmang’s death was a homicide due to “the contribution of physical restraint to the cause of death.” Kevin Dizmang had methamphetamine in his system when he died, and he also had other problems, including asthma and obesity, that contributed to his death.

The response team consisted of a police officer, a community health paramedic from the Colorado Springs Fire Department, and a doctor from Diversus Health. The CSPD officer reportedly told Kevin Dizmang that he was not under arrest. Body camera footage released by the family of the deceased captured an officer ordering him to put his hands behind his back so he could handcuff him.

When Dizmang resisted the officer, a struggle broke out and he was thrown to the ground. One of the responding officers was heard to say: However, no response was received from Dizmang at the time. Harry Daniels, the attorney for the deceased’s family, alleged that the officer treated the incident as a crime rather than a mental health episode. The lawyer added:

When the case was handed over to prosecutors, they determined that the death was “justified” and that the officers would not face any criminal charges, who were placed on paid administrative leave after the fatal incident. The same has been confirmed by the Colorado Springs Police Department.

The coroner’s report mentions that physical restraint is the main cause of the “homicide”, while there have been other contributing factors: According to the El Paso County Coroner, Dizmang was pronounced dead around 5:45 p.m. m. His family is currently waiting for justice for the tragic death of Kevin Dizmang.

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