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Kelsey Turner and Jon Logan Kennison Wiki – Kelsey Turner and Jon Logan Kennison Biography

The case against former model Kelsey Turner, her boyfriend Jon Logan Kennison, and her roommate Diana Pena gained steam in 2022 when the former two were sentenced to prison for the murder of renowned California child psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Burchard.

Burchard was allegedly Turner’s benefactor and paid for her lavish lifestyle. He died from blunt force trauma to the head and his body was found in the trunk of an abandoned car in the Las Vegas desert. ID’s The Playboy Murders chronicles the case this Monday, February 27, 2023, in an episode titled Sugar Baby.

Kelsey Turner and Jon Logan Kennison Age

Kelsey Turner is 29 years old.

Kelsey Turner and Jon Logan Kennison Incident Detail

The synopsis reads: Jon Logan Kennison and Kelsey Turner’s plea deals were reached in 2022, with the former sentenced for second-degree murder, use of a deadly weapon, and conspiracy. They gave him 18 to 45 years in prison. Kelsey Turner reached a plea deal from Alford last November.

Kelsey Turner, who once modeled for Maxim and Playboy Italy, was arrested in 2019, drawing media attention. The 25-year-old and her then-boyfriend Kennison initially pleaded not guilty to charges in the murder of Dr. Thomas Burchard.

Her roommate, Diana Pena, who was also arrested, was the first to plead guilty in the case in 2019. In May 2022, Jon Logan Kennison, the boyfriend of former Playboy model Kelsey Turner, changed his guilty plea for the murder of the California child psychiatrist, and the judge later sentenced him to 18 to 45 years later that year. .

Burchard had been helping the former Playboy Playmate with her financial obligations for most of her relationship, which lasted about two years. In March 2019, the latter arrived in Las Vegas to inform the model that he would no longer support her lifestyle. It was then that their relationship took a tragic turn. Authorities claim a fight between the two led to the murder.

Turner and her partner were charged with murder for allegedly using a baseball bat to attack the psychiatrist before putting her body in the trunk of Turner’s Mercedes. A few days later, the vehicle was discovered on a deserted highway outside of Las Vegas.

The couple were reportedly supposed to take Dr. Thomas Burchard to the hospital after the initial attack. However, Turner encouraged Kennison to murder the 71-year-old man and he did as he was told. His roommate, Diana Pena, who helped them clean up the scene, was the first to plead guilty and testify against the couple, shortly after their arrest in 2019.

Jon Logan Kennison initially pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against him. in June 2019. Diana Pena, however, testified against him and Kelsey Turner when the preliminary investigation began. Both her testimony and supporting evidence helped the prosecution make a compelling case against her. Jon opted to take a plea deal in July 2022.

Following the terms of the deal, Jon pleaded guilty to conspiracy, use of a deadly weapon, and second-degree murder and received an immediate prison term of 18 to 45 years. His scheduled release date is July 30, 2042 and he is currently serving his sentence at High Desert State Prison near Indian Springs.

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