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Kathleen McGinness, 73, lived in a building adjacent to the Haut Du Mont apartments in St Helier, which were destroyed in the early hours of December 10. She had been taken to hospital after the explosion, but she died on Christmas Day, Jersey police said.

An investigation continues into the cause of the explosion on Pier Road. In a statement released earlier, Jersey States Police Chief Robin Smith said his thoughts were with all the families affected.

Kathleen McGinness Age

Kathleen McGinness was 37 years old.

Kathleen McGinness  Cause of Death

“This incident has been incredibly challenging for everyone involved and I would like to commend the families for their stoicism in the face of such tragic circumstances,” he said.

“The island is right behind them and available to support them, but first and foremost we are there together to give them their privacy and time to grieve.”

He said that Ms McGinness’s family was being supported by specially trained officers. The identities of the other nine people killed in the three-story residential block were confirmed after post-mortem examinations.

They were: Peter Bowler, 72, Raymond Brown, 71, Romeu and Louise De Almeida, 67 and 64, Derek and Sylvia Ellis, 61 and 73, Ken and Jane Ralph, 72 and 71, and Billy Marsden, 63.

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